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2015.11.07 23:12

Nell의 김종완(Kim Jong Wan)

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Korean rock band Nell's vocalist 김종완(Kim Jong Wan)talked about CNBLUE in an interview in Japan.

Here is the link.


CNBLUE part:


ジョ ンワン:CNBLUEとは番組で活動時期が重なってから親しくなった。バンドを一生懸命やっているし、演奏も上手でしっかりしていると感じる。確かに彼ら はアイドルでスタートしたが、もう十分な経験値もあるし同じ音楽人だ。むしろ彼らの方が音楽的な会話が好きで、色んな楽器などについてすごく聞いてくるの で、僕の方が知らないくらいだ(笑)


ジョ ンワン:どんなシーンであれ、音楽を楽しんでやっている人であれば皆同じだと思う。区別を付けられるのは、マーケティングの違いではないか。僕たちのよう なインディからスタートのバンドは、ライブを重ねるうちに人々に知られて行くが、デビューからマネジメント事務所が付いている場合、放送が重要な韓国では テレビに出ていく過程を踏まざるを得ないのだろう。そうしてテレビを中心に活躍したチームは一様に“アイドル”と言われる。なぜならテレビを通した印象が 強くて、ちゃんとライブをやれても、その姿を知られる機会が難しいからだ。


― There are increasing number of bands from mainstream market with more and more interest  from the band market. Do you get along with young band?

Kim: Because of some overlapping  schedules, I get close to CNBLUE. I think they try very hard on their band. Their live performance is excellent and solid. Though they start as idol,  now they have enough experiences. They are musicians as well. It's them who like to talk about music. They have so many questions about instruments that we even have no idea.

―There is a trend that bands from Rock Festivals are distinguished from CNBLUE who we call them idols. What do you think?
Kim: I think in whatever field, if you enjoy making music, everyone is the same. The difference they are labeled with is just different marketing methods.We started as an indie band. We get to known by others through live performances. But if they start with an agency company, they have to appear on TV to become known cause TV broadcasting is a very important part in Korean. Groups who focus their activities on TV are called "Idol". Due to the deep impression from TV broadcasting, even if they do live well, it's hard for the public to know.  

한역 by heich_

-최근 메이저 신에도 젊은 밴드가 늘어나 밴드신에 주목도가 높아지고 있는데요. 후배 밴드들과 어울리시기도 하나요?

종완: 씨엔블루와는 방송에서 활동시기가 겹쳐서 가까워졌어요. 밴드를 열심히 하고 있고, 연주도 잘하고 제대로 하고 있다고 생각해요. 확실히 그들은 아이돌로 시작했지만, 이제 충분히 경험치도 있고 같은 음악인이죠. 오히려 그들 쪽이 음악적인 이야기를 좋아해서 여러가지 악기라든지에 대해 굉장히 질문해오기 때문에, 저희가 모를 정도예요 (웃음). 

-록 페스티벌 등에 나오는 밴드와, 방금 말씀하신 것 같은 씨엔블루는 아이돌로서 구별되는 경향이 있는데, 이 점에 대해서는 어떻게 생각하세요?

종완: 어떤 신이든, 음악을 즐기면서 하는 사람이라면 다 똑같다고 생각해요. 구별을 하는 건, 마케팅의 차이가 아닐까요. 저희같은 인디부터 시작한 밴드는 라이브를 해 가면서 여러 사람에게 알려져가지만, 데뷔부터 매니지먼트 소속사가 있는 경우는 방송이 중요한 한국에서 텔레비전에 나가는 과정을 밟지 않으면 안되니까요. 그리고 텔레비전을 중심으로 활동하는 팀은 모두 ‘아이돌’이라고 불리죠. 왜냐하면 텔레비전을 통한 인상이 강하니까, 제대로 라이브를 할 수 있어도 그 모습을 알릴 기회가 잘 없으니까요.

  • glutz 2015.11.07 23:40
    I kind of like Nell and especially when they are an indie band, to have one of the members honestly praising CNBLUE's live performance skill and their great interest in instruments and music is the best compliment!
  • heich_ 2015.11.08 07:03
    Thanks so much! added Korean trans and moved to perspectives =)
  • silvergate08 2015.11.08 07:13
    oh i like this interview so much, i like how he say that label is just a marketing method. its great to know that he thinks every band is the same. means he doesnt differentiate cnblue
  • jen 2015.11.08 10:59
    Auw..This..I hope other band fans get to read this..CNBLUE is legit and they work so hard...Now, when can I hear them live again..:(
  • lauriciu 2015.11.08 14:14
    So true, Cnblue has musical talent, passion & their live performances are awesome...,
  • deedee 2015.11.10 02:06
    Get them praises!!!!
  • Pearl 2015.11.18 23:15
    Real recognises Real!
  • elasticheart 2016.01.17 23:27
    Indie or not they are one hard working group. CNBLUE have proved time and again that they are not the proper cut out idol band. I'm glad many respected musicians are recognizing CNB/Yonghwa as musicians and not just hand syncing idols. Slowly but surely they are getting there <3

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