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[이벤트종료 DeadlineClosed] ★★★엽서 프로젝트 Postcard Project 'Hold Your Hand'★★★

by justjyh posted Jul 05, 2016

기존 마감일이었던 오늘 31일이 일요일인 관계로
소인날짜를 월요일인 8월 1일까지 받는 것으로 하루 더 연장하겠습니다^^
아직 못 보내신 분들은 내일 부쳐주세요!

Since the original due date (July 31) is Sunday,
We will extend the postmark date to Monday, Aug 1.
If you haven't sent yours yet, please send it tomorrow! 

추가사항 Additional Announcement:
간혹 사서함에는 배송방법에 제약이 따르는 경우가 있지만,
일반 우체국이 아닌 직원이 대기하는 사설 사서함이므로 EMS/DHL/UPS/Fed-ex 등
모든 종류의 우편서비스 수취가 가능합니다.
(전화번호가 필요하신 경우 justjungyonghwa@gmail.com 으로 이메일 주세요)

Although some postal methods are limited when being sent to PO Boxes, 
because this is a privately operated/attended box and not from the post office, 
we can accept all types of postal services such as EMS/DHL/UPS/Fed-ex, etc in case you wish to use them.
(If you need a phone no. to fill out, please email us at justjungyonghwa@gmail.com)

지난 며칠간
아무리 거센 비바람이 몰아쳐도
우리는 그와 함께한다는 마음을 어떻게 전할지 생각해보았습니다.

우리가 내민 손의 온기를 직접 느껴볼 수 있도록
여러분들의 엽서를 모아볼까 합니다.

정용화에게 전하는 사랑과 응원을 담아 엽서를 보내주세요.
보내고 싶은 만큼 여러 장도 괜찮습니다.
우체국 소인날짜로 8월 1일까지 아래의 주소로 보내주시면 됩니다.

받는이: JJYH
서울시 강남구 봉은사로 610
수도빌딩 306호 이미지데오 #336
우: 06170

우리, 함께 손 내밀어볼까요?...

Here at justJYH, we’ve been thinking how we could convey to Yonghwa that, 
no matter how fierce the thunderstorm, we will be by his side.

Hoping that he can tangibly feel the warmth of our tightly held hands,
we came up with an idea to gather postcards from everyone. 

Please send us your heartfelt words of love and support to Yonghwa.
You can send us as many postcards as you want. 
We request the date of postmark to be Aug 1 at the latest.

Attn: JJYH
imageDEO #336, Sudo B/D Rm 306
Bongeunsa-ro 610, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 06170
South Korea

Would you please join us and hold his hand...?

  • strawberriesblues 2016.07.05 20:19
    Good idea! Thanks! Any theme to the postcards? Or any type / design will do?
  • heich_ 2016.07.05 20:28
    All up to you^^
  • strawberriesblues 2016.07.05 20:31
    Got it. Thanks!!
  • Camtu 2016.07.06 02:35

    I think this is an awesome idea.  He hasn't uploaded any recent SMS and I am a little worry.  I want him to know we love him and we will be right here for him. 

  • lotus 2016.07.05 20:21
    하트로 도배해서 보낼게요 ♥
  • ta_yooong 2016.07.05 21:26
    Thanks! Great idea!
  • mystarYH 2016.07.05 21:54
  • cece 2016.07.05 22:22
    Thanks! Will do.
  • ruby 2016.07.05 23:08
    Thanks for this project. Fighting!
  • silvergate08 2016.07.06 02:58
    Any size is acceptable right?
  • heich_ 2016.07.06 07:57
    It can be maybe a bit long or wide on one dimension, but please make it standard sized as much as possible to make sure everyone has a similar size.
  • heich_ 2016.07.06 10:09
    *EMS 관련 문의가 들어와서 추가합니다^^ As we received some questions regarding EMS, we added some new comments :D
  • s.jefferson 2016.07.06 11:27
    Such a brilliant idea! Thanks for organizing... Hope it will cheer him up a bit =)
  • heich_ 2016.07.06 13:00
    ** EMS 등을 위해 전화번호가 필요하신 경우 justjungyonghwa@gmail.com 으로 이메일 주세요. If you need a phone no. to fill out, please email us at justjungyonghwa@gmail.com.
  • sakuratint 2016.07.06 13:10
    Thanks for the project! Do i write both the korean and english address?
  • heich_ 2016.07.06 13:18

    Just English is fine!

  • YAT 2016.07.06 14:33
    Thanks for this project.
  • anne 2016.07.21 11:50
    I hope I can still make it!!!
  • heich_ 2016.07.21 12:09

    Yes you can! Postmark is the date you SEND the mail, so please feel free to participate!!!

  • mystarYH 2016.07.31 14:45
    안그래도 아니 31일이 일요일이쟈나? 하면서 금요일 급 우체국 다녀왔답니다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미쳐 못보내신분들 내일 보내시면 좋을듯하네요^^
  • justjyh 2016.08.02 12:13
    ***이벤트 마감했습니다! 참여해주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다. 약 2주 후에 모든 엽서를 모아서 전달하도록 하겠습니다.
    The deadline is now closed. Thank you everyone for joining us! We will collect all the postcards and send it in about two weeks***
  • Ascott 2016.08.08 12:11

    Thank you, thank you for your kind arrangement, I know this is really a hard work, thank you.

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