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보컬그룹 바이브가 씨엔블루 정용화를 섭외한 배경을 털어놨다.

바이브(윤민수, 류재현) 일곱 번째 정규 앨범 '리피트(Repeat)' 발매 기념 라운드 인터뷰가 21일 오전 11시 서울시 강남구 청담동 플레이스제이에서 진행됐다.

수록곡 '열정페이'는 씨엔블루 정용화가 피처링으로 참여, 이 시대 청년들의 힘들고 괴로운 마음을 대변하듯 노래했다.

정용화에 대해 류재현은 "FNC 대표에게 '정용화 씨가 피처링 해주면 좋겠어'고 했다. 그런데 중국에 있다고 하더라. 그래서 '어쩔 수 없지 뭐'라고 돌아섰다. 작업실을 같이 쓰고 있는데, 정용화가 지나가더라"라고 말해 웃음을 자아냈다.

이어 류재현은 "분명 중국에 있다고 했는데. 그래서 정용화에게 오라고 해서 곡을 들려줬다. 정용화가 '좋은대요?'라고 하더라. 그래서 대표님한테 바로 전화했다. '용화 중국에 있데? 지금 나랑 같이 있고, 하기로 했어 어떻게 결정해'라고 했다. 그렇게 웃기게 결정이 됐었다"고 밝혔다. 


Vocal group Vibe spilled the backstory to casting CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa.

Vibe (Yoon Minsu, Ryu Jaehyun)'s 7th full album "Repeat" roundtable interview was held at Place J in Cheongdam-dong.

CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa featured in the track 'Passion Wage,' singing as the representative of today's young generation going through difficult times.

On Jung Yonghwa, Ryu Jaehyun said, "I told the FNC CEO, 'I want Jung Yonghwa-ssi to feature (in our album). But he said Jung's in China. So I said, 'Oh well' and returned. We use the same studio and Jung passed by," drawing laughter.

Ryu continued, "He (HSH) said Jung was definitely in China (but he was in Korea). I told him to come over and let him listen to the song. He said, 'It's nice!' So I called the CEO right away. 'Is Yonghwa in China? He's right here with me now, we've decided to do it. What do you say? It was funny like that."

cr. http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=14612063891104715010

*Ryu is a close friend of Han's. Probably the reason he could go ahead with this despite HSH's "blockage"...;;;

너무 많은 것의 데자부인;;;;
  • Arashi 2016.04.21 12:06
    Lol I already admire this Ryu XD despite Han's lie to not give him YH, he didn't hesitate when he found the chance...I'm having a good laugh here
  • soon0322 2016.04.21 12:08
    역시 직접 얘기를 해야 일이 성사 되는 건가요
  • mystarYH 2016.04.21 12:16
    와........저 지금 너무 열받아요
    친분이 있는 류재현씨에게도 저정도면 친분없이 일적으로 들어오는 건수도 얼마나 쳐냈을지 눈에 보이는ㄷㄷㄷ
  • heich_ 2016.04.21 12:21
    아니 생각해보니깐. 어릴 적 최고의 우상이 직접 같이 작업하자고 제안했는데, 그걸 뻥 걷어찬거잖아요? 본인의사 확인도 안하고. 용화 본인이 성실해서 작업실 죽돌이 아니었음 그냥 날아가는 천금의 기회 아니냐구요. 우린 열정페이같은 명보컬도 못 만나고!!!!!!! 화아.... 진짜.... 몹쓸.
  • musica 2016.04.21 12:36
    Hard to believe.... What used to be speculations are slowly emerging as facts by outside sources. What is propelling a CEO of an entertainment business behave in this way?
  • Tyka 2016.04.21 12:48
    Good job yonghwa shi and jaehyun shi,☺☺☺
  • Lullaby 2016.04.21 13:01
    Even if HSH does not keep track or remembers Yonghwa's daily schedule, what's so difficult abt making a phone call to Yonghwa's manager to make sure where Yonghwa is. tsk tsk tsk
  • Bohemian_n 2016.04.21 13:05
    헐 상상초월... 스케줄 잘 알지도 못할거면서 어떻게 바로 거절하지? 설령 중국에 있다해도 오래 있는것도 아닌데 피처링 참여를 생각도 못해보나요?? 허 참, 들을수 있게 되서 운 좋았다고 좋아해야하나요......
  • sakuratint 2016.04.21 13:41
    Even though it's supposed to be a funny story, i don't like that the ceo has been blocking yonghwa's opportunities...
  • amyhmi 2016.04.21 14:06
    저 얘긴 웃음을 자아낼 일도 웃긴 결정도 아니죠 지금껏 정용화 일을 어떻게 처리해왔는지 한방에 보여주네요 저 좁은 바닥서 이미 알만한 사람은 다 알듯 합니다 저 치졸함이 부끄럽네요
  • soon0322 2016.04.21 16:41

    이것도 그때 못만났으면 용화는 모르고 그냥 지나갔을수도.그리고 류재현님 감사합니다.팬들이 그동안 혹시 이런거 아냐 했던게 진짜란걸 이렇게 알려 주었으니

  • CNBLUELOGY 2016.04.21 17:13
    Why he and YH uses the same studio? I heard that he used to be YH's neighbor and one of FNC's producer. I think it would easy for him to contact YH directly. Maybe it's just a funny story. But anyway HSH's reaction is rather stupid.
  • lovingrj 2016.04.21 20:24

    So you mean Ryu is making up a story out of nothing and just for fun?
    What is an agency for if everyone needs to contact the artist directly for invitation of projects?

    The issue here is why HSH would lie about YH's whereabouts when a senior in the industry is inviting him to do a collaboration =____=

  • heich_ 2016.04.21 21:42
    Seems like YH doesn't use the fnc one all the time. Like when he prepped for solo concerts he rented studios outside.
  • ish 2016.04.22 12:47

    YH is a contracted artist of FNC. So it is not possible to use him for any project w/o FNC's approval. Even if he contacted YH personally, the professional approach is to contact him through the agency, so that they will look into his schedule and arrange everything accordingly. 

  • 마지 2016.04.21 18:29
    그동안 카더라가 다맞단증거가 이렇게 밝혀지네요...몹쓸사람......ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ이런 일들이 수도 없이 많았다고 생각하니 가슴이 답답하네요...울스타는 그걸 알고있었겠죠........맘이 아프면서도 대견스럽네요 그환경에서...이정도에 스타인게...
  • 711s 2016.04.21 21:25
    정말 .......... 사악하기가 그지없는
  • YAT 2016.04.21 22:50
    I am not surprised at all. I noticed sometime ago YH has mentioned in passing when attending some variety shows/events that he was contacted/received invitations directly. The last one I remember was some pd called him during cnblue mv filming. Anyway, YH is smart and the industry people aren't blind that fnc management is acting very unprofessionally.
  • Pearl 2016.04.21 23:21
    I'm just glade that YH likes to hang around the office and he was there at the right time to bump into his idol, and be able to work with him. I always believe good things will happen to good people, that is karma.
  • lauriciu 2016.04.22 01:15
    I love Ynghwa's collaborations, so I really hope he will do more in the future, as this could be seen as an increasing recognition among other musicians...
  • midnightblue 2016.04.22 01:21
    여우와 뱀‥ 참 지저분하게도 사업하네요ㆍ 용화생각만하면 맘이 쨘하네요
  • gardenofdarkness 2016.04.22 05:25
    HSH is very stupid; his stupid actions always amaze me. I'm glad Ryu could collab with Yonghwa, anyway ^^~
  • checkinout 2016.04.22 12:09
    Makes you wonder how many other opportunities YH has lost because of his agency.
  • YAT 2016.05.01 15:20

    I often wonder why YH has so few solo CF & magazines shoot with his popularity. 

  • ish 2016.04.22 12:40
    It's rather unprofessional and irresponsible behavior and attitude from the CEO. I see some comments calling him 'stupid' but that's no excuse for unprofessional behavior. If anything, his action could have not only costed YH an opportunity to work with his idol, but also the spreading of such accounts in the industry can turn off and discourage others who wish work with YH. And that could have been the very intention of HSH, unfortunately.....

    Also, I wish for those so called 'fans' and detractors who always claim that HSH favors YH, to come across this account which is from a third party (hence more reliable that any fan account) and see the situation as it is.

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