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    【한】[ZOOM] How you feel

    작사: JUNG YONG HWA, KIKUE 작곡: LEE JUNG SHIN, HEO SUNG JIN  How is it going? I've missed you so much  How is it going? Now I'm feeling good  What a beautiful day 澄みきった 空も歌い出す Step into the shower of lights 眩しそうにはしゃいだ...
    Date2021.07.03 Category가사 Views454 Votes0
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    【한】[ZOOM] Clap your hands

    작사: JUNG YONG HWA, Ayumi Kanuma 작곡: JUNG YONG HWA, Yuzuru Kusugo, Satoshi Shibayama Everyday Everynight  何気なく今日が 終わりを告げるよ oh yeah Anyone Anytime  孤独な夜も 愛を分け合えたら oh 優しく揺れるキャンドルが寄り添って 奇跡を咲...
    Date2021.07.03 Category가사 Views323 Votes0
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    【한】[ZOOM] ZOOM

    작사: JungYongHwa (일역: miwaflower) 작곡: JungYongHwa, 8on, Dawn Elektra, Sam Hocking ​ ​ I know your life is so shining Just live your life your dream どんな未来も Come on in 離れはしない 手と手を 繋いで 共鳴しあうように この想いよ 届け ​...
    Date2021.07.03 Category가사 Views510 Votes0
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    The Moment

    작곡:JUNG YONG HWA・Josef Melin 작사︰JUNG YONG HWA 歌詞 Oh – I can see Something happen if I turn a corner Breathe in feel the city lives in my heart Feel the pulse The streets of Paris speak to me Whispering words dancing and singing out...
    Date2019.10.30 Category가사 Views705 Votes1
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  5. Brothers

    Date2018.10.08 Category가사 Views690 Votes1
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    【E】AOA - Ladi Dadi

    작사: 정용화, 지민 넌 넌 몇 번째 머리 굴려 왜 이젠 한계야 Good bye 너의 거짓말 그거 습관이야 걸리지나 말던가 또 피곤해 일찍 자는 척해 넌 내가 모를 거라 생각해 딴 여자와 밤새 춤추는 게 그리 좋으면 왜 날 만나 오늘 밤 Ladi Dadi 조금은 Naughty N...
    Date2018.05.28 Category가사 Views963 Votes12
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    AOA - Ladi Dadi preview

    Date2018.05.23 Category가사 Views562 Votes1
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  8. 【한/E】Letter

    역) *오역, 오타 지적 환영합니다. 외부로 퍼가지 말아주세요! 기억하나요? 그 Shooting Star 영화의 한 장면처럼 서로에 끌린 운명의 신호 사랑에 빠졌죠 둘이 함께 있는 것만으로 모든 것이 반짝이던 "It's all right!" 우리들의 사인 이 가슴을 열어 넘치...
    Date2018.05.21 Category가사 Views1163 Votes31
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    Don't Say Good Bye

    Don't say, don't say good-bye We'll be all right 晴天の空に突然振り出したRain 滲んだ地図に戸惑ってもしょうがない 君が胸で光っているから 僕の空に一点の曇りもない (it's all right) 離れ離れになろうと 悲しいことばっかじゃないよ 一つ一つがHistor...
    Date2018.03.16 Category가사 Views1461 Votes13
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    [Stay Gold] Book

    作詞/ Lyricist: JUNG YONG HWA 作曲/ Composer: JUNG YONG HWA/Albi Albertsson/Justin Reinstein When I was younger I would run away And read a book I’d treasure every day My hero jumped right off the page You set me outta my cage You shined a l...
    Date2017.10.19 Category가사 Views875 Votes5
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    【한】[SHAKE] SHAKE

        Music by JUNG YONG HWA, LEE JONG HYUN, Albi Albertsson, Justin Reinstein Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wjc7VQW42pU   Wake me up 予定通りのtime Let’s start it up 機械みたいな everyday I can’t breathe baby ...
    Date2017.06.21 Category가사 Views649 Votes0
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    [7ºCN] 헷갈리게 Between Us

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqNMTRDS_Gs 작사: 정용화, 한성호, 김이나 Lyrics: Jung Yonghwa, Han Sungho, Kim Eana 헷갈리게 뭔데 왜 이래 헷갈리게 자꾸 뭔데 내가 왜 이래 매일 아침 습관처럼 연락하고 끊어질 듯 말 듯한 답장에 답장을 해 사실 반...
    Date2017.03.20 Category가사 Views1165 Votes0
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    [7ºCN] Royal Rumble (Korean ver.)

    Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA, miwa* 뜨거운 환호 속에서 수많은 눈빛 속에 고갤 치켜들어 두려움 안고 누군가는 또 어딘가 사라져 가겠지만 나는 아닐 거라 최면을 걸어 It’s royal rumble 끝나지 않을 sorrow 모든 게 bubble 짧았던 꿈처럼 달콤한 휴식조차 쓰디...
    Date2017.03.20 Category가사 Views1497 Votes12
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  14. #헷갈리게(#Between_Us) #YONGHWA LYRIC POSTER OPEN!

    "Think I know the answer but (I/you?) can't say it out loud" 귀엽ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Date2017.03.18 Category가사 Views864 Votes2
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    [colors] hold my hands (Japanese ver. 번역)

    이 곡은 아시다시피 한·일 두 가지 버전의 가사가 있는데요 혹시나 일본어 버전 가사가 궁금하신 분들에게 작은 도움이 될까 해서 올려봅니다  :-)           Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA Music by JUNG YONG HWA Japanese Translated Lyrics by MEG.ME     hold ...
    Date2017.02.27 Category가사 Views626 Votes3
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    [EUPHORIA] Royal Rumble

    *오역 오타 지적 환영합니다 :) Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA, miwa* Music by JUNG YONG HWA Arranged by Noriyuki Inoue(jizue) Royal Rumble 響く鐘の音に 身体ゆだねて 新しいstageへ向かう 何を探すのか わからぬままで 繰り返す未踏の stand up fight It's r...
    Date2016.10.20 Category가사 Views2781 Votes14
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    [Euphoria] Glory days

    *청음가사이니 언제나처럼 여기서만 봐주세요. 오역/오타 지적환영합니다^^ As this is just an unofficial transcription, please only read here. Feel free to point out any errors! Glory days 振り向けば もう 見えない 踏み出した 最初の一歩 長く長...
    Date2016.09.10 Category가사 Views5638 Votes12
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    [Puzzle] Take Me Higher (번역추가 Trans added)

    Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA, Takashi Ogawa Music by JUNG YONG HWA, HAN SEUNG HOON, KO JIN YEONG Arranged by Shogo Ohnishi (agehasprings) I know 未だ辿り着けない I know 今(ここ)がもう過去になってく めくるめく挑んだNext stage 満たせない心の中 た...
    Date2016.05.12 Category가사 Views2718 Votes6
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    【E】Vibe 7집 열정페이 Passion Wage (feat. 정용화)

    아직 갚지 못한 학자금 대출과 돌려 막기 바쁜 수많은 연체금들 벼랑 끝에 서있어도 난 괜찮다 고생한끝에 번듯한 내게 첫 직장이란 게 생겼어 *어디 갔어 내 열정 페이 돌려줘 나의 열정 페이 아무도 모르게 몰래 숨기지 말고 다시 내게 돌려줘 어디 갔어 내 ...
    Date2016.04.21 Category가사 Views2270 Votes3
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    【한/E】 Puzzle (full)

    -Puzzle Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA Music by JUNG YONG HWA, HAN SEUNG HOON, KO JIN YEONG Arranged by HAN SEUNG HOON, KO JIN YEONG Japanese Translated Lyrics by HASEGAWA *청음으로 받아적은 비공식 가사입니다. 지적환영! (및 여기서만 보셔요~) This ...
    Date2016.04.16 Category가사 Views3739 Votes3
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