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2016.09.10 12:18

[Euphoria] Glory days

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오역/오타 지적환영합니다^^
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Glory days
振り向けば もう 見えない
踏み出した 最初の一歩
長く長い 夢の journey

一人じゃない もう 僕は
諦めない そう 決めたんだ
あの日 見てた 遠い場所
そこが もう 目の前なんだ

雲間に そっと
君がいて 僕がいる

やっと見つけた You're my light
君とならば 辿り着ける My glory days
暗い道も 信じて進もう
行こう With you
You’re my love 
君の笑顔が 僕を変える
I’m growing up

行こう With me

近づけば 遠くなる
繰り返す そんな日々に
何もかもが 全部霞んで
進めず 嫌気が差す
君と言う 存在が
この背中 そっと押すんだ


乾いた大地 濡らす雫のように
君がいて 僕がいる

ずっと輝く You're my light
君がいれば 雨の日でも My glory days
選んだ道を 信じて進もう
行こう With you

You’re my love
君の声が 僕を救う
I’m growing up

行こう With me
まだ見ぬ あの場所へ

笑顔も 涙だって
未来、My glory days


まだ見ぬ あの場所へ

乗り越えて行こう With me

Glory days


Glory Days
뒤돌아보면 이제 보이지 않는
내딛었던 첫 걸음
길고 긴 꿈을 향한 여정
발자국을 새겨 가

혼자가 아냐 이제 나
포기하지 않기로 결심했지
그날 보았던 먼 그 곳
그 곳이 이제 곧 눈앞이야

구름 속에 살짝 비치는 빛처럼
미래를 보여주었던 네가 있기에 내가 있어
그 무엇도 무섭지 않아

드디어 찾은 You're my light
너와 함께라면 다다를 수 있어 My glory days
어두운 길도 믿음을 갖고 나아가자
가자 With you
You’re my love
네 미소가 나를 달라지게 해
I’m growing up
그 어떤 일이라도 이겨내가자 
가자 With me
아무도 모르는 그 곳에

가까이 가면 멀어지는
그런 날이 되풀이되면
모든 것이 희미해지고
더이상 나아갈 수 없이 지겨웠어

너라는 존재가 내 등을 살짝 밀어주었지
맘 정했던 그 날의 그 때로
지금 바로 갈 수 있을 것 같아

메마른 대지를 적시는 물방울처럼
불안을 채워준 네가 있기에 내가 있어
그 무엇도 두렵지 않아

영원히 빛나는 You're my light
그대가 있다면 비오는 날에도 My glory days
선택한 이 길을 믿고 나아가자
가자 With you

You’re my love
너의 목소리가 나를 구원해
I’m growing up

나를 향해 불어오는 바람도
맞서 나아가자
가자 With me
아직 보지 못한 그 곳에

웃음도 눈물까지도
그 모든걸 함께 나누자
너에게 보여주고 싶어
미래, My glory days


아직 보지 못한 그 곳에

그 어떤 일이라도 이겨내가자 With me
아무도 모르는 그 곳에

Glory days

Glory Days
Looking back, I can’t see anymore
The very first step I had taken

Long, long journey of my dreams
Engraving my footprints as I go

I’m not alone anymore
I won’t give up, I’ve made up my mind
The distant place I’d seen that day
It’s almost within my reach now

Like the ray of light
that gently peeps out in the midst of clouds, 
You showed me the future
Because of you, I am here
I’m not afraid of anything

Finally found it you're my light
As long as I’m with you
I can reach My glory days
Even in the dark paths, I’ll continue with faith
Let’s go With you
Until the end of time
You’re my love
Your smile changes me
I’m growing up

No matter what happens
Let’s overcome and go on With me
To that unknown place

The moment I get close, it slips away
When such days repeat
Everything becomes blurred
I can’t go on, grow tiresome
You’re the one
who gently nudged my back

I feel as though I can go right now
to that time I’ve committed myself

Like the water drops that soak the dry earth
You filled my insecure heart
Because of you, I am here
I don't fear anything

Always shine bright You're My light
As long as you’re with me
Even the rainy days are My glory days
I’ll walk my chosen path with faith
Let’s go With you
Thank you

You’re my love
Your voice rescues me
I’m growing up

Let’s face head-on
this opposing wind
Let’s go With you
To the place we are yet to see

Whether it be smile or tears,
Let’s share it all
I wanna show you
The future, My glory days


To the place we are yet to see

No matter what happens
Let’s overcome and go on With me
To that unknown place

Glory days
  • sakuratint 2016.09.10 12:38
    Thank you for the translation! The lyrics are so meaningful, and i can really feel the sincerity in them. The times i've spent together with him are my glory days too! :)
  • idea 2016.09.10 12:48
  • Pearl 2016.09.10 13:13
    Thank you for the translation. I love the lyrics, it's so meaningful and heartfelt and I can feel that it's written from the heart.
  • yongyongjii 2016.09.10 15:28
    Thank you for the translation. Feels like a song for us fans
  • cece 2016.09.10 15:49
    TY for the translation ^^ he always a positive thinker.
  • ta_yooong 2016.09.10 16:07
    Thank you for the trans! When positivity rules his heart it is so inspiring.
  • heich_ 2016.09.10 16:18
    언제나 '빛'으로 향하는 길을 알려달라고, 이끌어달라고 했었던 그가 이제는
    '그대가 빛 You're my light'이라고 말해주네요.
    아직도 보지 못한 그 곳에는 열심히 달려가야겠지만,
    빛이란 그 끝에만 있는 것이 아니라
    함께 있는 우리라고 말해주어서 정말로 고마운, 최고의 힐링 송.
  • 작은별 2016.09.10 16:47
    가사가 너무 좋아요~ 감사합니다!!
  • mystarYH 2016.09.10 18:34
    가사 너무 좋네요ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ
  • Lois 2016.09.10 22:45
    Seriously, this is the best fan song ever. I am balling my eyes out as I feel YH's openess with his vulnerability, genuine connection to and appreciation for his supporters/fans/us in the lyrics.
    With this song, YH assures us that he is alright and invites us to come alongside him as he charges forth. How perfectly delivered! I am sure many will listen to this song and will end up "renewing their vows" to YH. The English translation here is so poetic, THANK YOU!
  • neo 2016.09.11 07:31
    It really looks like it's been written for us fans. I hope he always stay strong with our support and love.
  • alexandrite 2016.09.11 11:06
  • Camtu 2016.09.17 04:17
    This is such a beautiful song. I gave me such strength to just listen to it. Awesome job again .
  • mint 2016.09.18 23:57
    이제야 이 가사를 찬찬히 읽어보네요.
    정말 멋진 곡 입니다!!!
    가사 참 좋으네요^^
  • ale0613 2016.11.25 08:57
    i always can feel yonghwa´s sincerity . such a precious soul.Thank you for the lyrics
  • anonymous 2017.09.01 04:12
    thanks for translating !

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