by s.jefferson posted May 11, 2014


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FA CNBLUE Can’t Stop Singapore Concert

I have been expecting a CNBLUE concert in Europe for a year but to no avail.  I have lost my patience hence decided to attend one in Asia/SE Asia. Singapore Can’t Stop concert is my first CNBLUE and I must pen my FA for memory.

I took a night flight and arrived at Singapore early morning on the concert day. I was so worried that jet lag might occur and I couldn’t enjoy the concert.  Actually my worries were redundant.  Who won’t be immersed in their explosive live performance?  To sidetrack for a moment, CNBLUE Can’t Stop album is on Singapore Airlines Inflight audio list.  I have previously listened to I am a loner in Asiana Airlines & I’m sorry in Cathay Pacific Airways.  Their music is traveling around the world.

I reached the venue at 5pm. The weather in Singapore was so hot at around 34 degree and I felt like I was melting.  Still and all, a long queue was seen under the scorching sun.  They were fans lining up to purchase official merchandises.  On contrast, standing zone fans were well taken care by the organizer waiting under shade.  I also saw some Japanese Boice and fanboys!!  My impression that there would be a lot of counters outside the venue was wrong.  SGFC and individual fan groups Scattered around giving away freebies.  Guessed I must have been too late for YH’s giveaways.

Since there was nothing much to see, I headed to the canteen to fill my stomach, so did plenty of fans.  More fanboys were detected as yellow ribbons were tied to left wrist to commemorate Korea Ferry tragedy.  Why are we always happy to see fanboys?  Interesting… there was “heavy traffic” at the lady toilet as our fangirls needed to change their newly bought concert tees.

Had a quick dinner, I went back to the venue.  My seat was at row 9 of Section 120, a good one right behind standing zone & premier seats.  The stage was not fancy, a main screen with an octagon small one at both sides. Overall attendance rate was about 95%.  CNBLUE's fanbase is wide, from teens to seniors.  There should be about 3-4% of guys.  Some were accompanying wives, girlfriends and even sons.  YH will be overjoyed to learn about this.   Video and school song of CNBLUE School were broadcasted together with some western songs before start.

Concert began with a series of special image effect of Can’t Stop album jacket on screen.  It’s perfectly done which made everybody excited enough.  Shortly, our boys entered the venue via the audience entrance right next to our session.  I turned crazy to see the boys in such a short distance.  Reminded me IU’s quote of four “handsome talented” boy who are good at music.  YH wore white tees and had gained my full attention.  He has definitely lost weight again.  I feel heart aching.

YH’s voice was in very good condition even from the first song Time is over.  His effortless screams were great highlights which also burned up the stage.  Just wonderful!!  I must mention that there was an energetic grandmom behind me dancing through half concert.   She must be a big fan as she attended alone.

Jam session before These Days were enjoyable and then followed by My Miracle.  I could say My Miracle is YH’s another showpiece.  If you have paid attention to this song, you would have noticed the difference between Japanese version, Korean Present Album version and the latest version after Ferry tragedy, both on lyrics & arrangement.  From a simple love song to deep emotional to comforting, YH’s singing can move listeners to every different level.  I can image fan shred tear in CS Korea concert.


After Eclipse, supposedly CS title song Cold Love was performed with excellent.  Again, YH’s belting out was breath-taking.  Robot, my least favorite song was sung in Korean.  While singing, YH shouted “this is my life”.  I wonder this random exclamation serving any true meaning.


YH had changed to his new Gibson ES-355 guitar for Blind Love, JH’s most favorite song.  YH sang so well this time comparative to performance in Japan concerts last year.  Practice makes perfect! 

Then it came to our show time.  We had rainbow sea project on Love Is and last song Love Light. We used mobile phone torchlight to achieve the effect.  It was so so so beautiful.  We could see YH's contented smile!!!  Too bad I had just changed my phone and didn't master a good shot.  Also, our singing of Rain of Blessing and I am a loner had definitely impressed our boy!!!


Our rocker’s dancing session at I’m sorry and his playful Bart Simpson voice at Ladies were amusing.  Would your heart flutter while YH claimed “You’re my lady” “Singapore ladies”? 


I love how they re-arranged Try Again Smile Again with keyboard.  I always like the sound produced by piano and here YH played it right in front of me.  You could see he was spreading happiness.  The last two songs, Can’t Stop and Like A Child were captivative.  YH’s falsetto was amazing.

Encore stage came with three songs, Wake Up, Love Girl and Love Light.  It was really fun to follow YH’s instruction.  “wake up wake up” “yeah yeah yeah” “ah ah ah ah” “Singapore”.  YH was given a cap with his name embroidered.  Really thoughtful!  The boys ended the concert by giving their 90 degree bow. How I wish time would go slower!!!

Music has no language barrier.  It's just music! - Yonghwa has a beautiful and powerful voice.  Throughout so many live performances, YH has developed a better singing skill.  He delivers not only good music but also spreads happiness.  I hope his dream to be fulfilled soon.  


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