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SBS 드라마 '펀치'에서 열연을 펼친 배우 박혁권이 MBC 간판 예능프로그램에 출연해 누리꾼들의 관심이 쏠리고 있다.

지난 21일 방송된 '무한도전'은 설 특집 '무도 큰 잔치'로 꾸며져 박혁권을 비롯해 서장훈, 현주엽, 김진, 강균성, 이규한, 정용화 등이 출연했다. 이날 예능에 출연한 박혁권은 예능 초보답게 줄곧 수줍은 모습을 보였지만 베개 싸움이 시작하자 180도 다른 모습을 선보였다.박명수에게 베개 한 대를 맞자 표정부터 살벌하게 바뀌더니 이내 카메라를 의식하지 않고 베개를 휘두르기 시작한 것.

이어진 경기에서도 박혁권은 예능이라는 것을 잊은 체 베개만 휘두르기에 급급해 지켜보던 시청자들의 눈살을 찌푸리기에 충분했다. 하지만 박혁권은 정용화-김진과의 경기에서 정용화에게 일명 '베개 급식' 공격을 당해 당황해하는 모습을 보였다. 정용화가 살벌하고 무표정으로 공격에만 임하던 박혁권에게 예능을 심어준 것.

정용화의 '베개 급식' 공격에 휘청거리던 박혁권의 모습은 다시 시청자들의 웃음을 찾는데 충분했다. 만약 정용화까지 살벌한 표정으로 공격하는 데에만 집중했다면 박혁권은 여전히 예능 초보로 남아있었을 것이다.

'무한도전' 박혁권 베개 싸움 소식을 접한 누리꾼들은 "'무한도전' 박혁권 베개 싸움, 박혁권 진짜 웃기더라" "'무한도전' 박혁권 베개 싸움, 베개 급식 작명 진짜 잘한 것 같다" ''무한도전' 박혁권 베개 싸움, 박혁권 조금 무서웠는데 정용화 때문에 웃었음" 등의 반응을 보였다.


Park Hyukkwon, an actor who passionately performed in the SBS drama “Punch” is gathering netizens’ attention upon appearing in MBC’s top variety show.

“Infinite Challenge” was programmed as “Grand New Years Party,” wherein PHK, along with SJH, HJY, KJ, LKH, and Jung Yonghwa made appearances. As a rookie variety guest, PHK was shy throughout; however, once the pillow fight started, he turned 180 degrees. When he was hit by PMS once, his face turned cold and began to throw his pillow without being aware the camera.

In the following game, he merely continued to swing the pillow, enough to disturb the viewers. But PHK was taken aback by Jung Yonghwa’s “pillow feeding” attack. It was Jung Yonghwa who planted “variety show” to PHK who only focused on belligerently attacking with an impassive face. 

The viewers’ laughter was restored as PHK faltered upon Jung Yonghwa’s “pillow feeding” attack. If Jung Yonghwa also focused on attacking with a sullen face, PHK would've remained a rookie variety guest.

Netizens who saw PHK’s pillow fight on Infinite Challenge responded, “PHK was really funny,” “They named it so well, ‘pillow feeding’,” and “I was a little scared of PHK, but laughed thanks to Jung Yonghwa."

  • gardenofdarkness 2015.02.23 11:21
    I loved it♡ He is so cute, I almost cried from laughing so much xD
  • Pearl 2015.02.23 12:12
    He just has this knack for variety without being slapstick, crude or loud. I suddenly miss seeing him on such variety shows. It's because of his smile and 'gentle' attack tactic that loosened up the tense atmosphere and brought so much laughter to an otherwise intense game. Even when he climbed on top of PHK, you can see that PHK was smiling away. Considering all played the game, it ends up that his segment is the most memorable.
  • YAT 2015.02.23 12:19
    YH always adds something special to any show he graces. He is just so adorable and plays with style & good sportsmanship.
  • lotus 2015.02.23 12:53
    용용이 해맑게 베게 앙 ㅋㅋ
  • silvergate08 2015.02.24 09:26
    OMG~ my heart is bursting with proudness of him. i notice that sometimes even the sunbae rely on his variety skills to add flavor / fun to the show. they keep on asking him coz they know he has a good sense.
  • deedee 2015.02.24 09:48
    Jaesuk face during the pillow feeding scene...bwahahahaha
  • ta_yooong 2015.03.09 03:32
    I watched that pillow feeding part several times and just flat out died laughing everytime. And after watching all the parts of this show I think that segment was/is the most hilarious part!

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