Buy Melon Streaming Package with Apple ID (you don't have to live in Korea!)

by anonymous posted Jan 10, 2015
1. Google a tutorial for getting a Melon ID. I got one before this, very simple and straight forward.
2. Switch your iTunes store to Korea. You need to have your Apple ID country set to Korea. Just type some random address and select a province. I googled for a postal code for that. The credit card doesn't need to be Korean based at all. Of course you need your working credit card to pay.
3. Search and install the Melon app.
4. Buy a streaming packing tapping the sign on the left top corner (refer to screen caps with the following steps)
5. The second box is streaming for one month and 30 MP3 downloads.
6. Pay and you're done!

PS. the first 3 screens from me and the rest from CNBkayi @ weibo. All thanks to her, I got Yonghwa's song on my phone!
PPS. Maybe the Korean fans around shed some light on how often we should stream to help Yonghwa chart.








  • anonymous 2015.01.10 15:03
    Thanks for the info. I succeeded download melon app but i had problem sign up in melon... it seems password criteria. Tried many combination.. still cant sign up ㅠㅠㅠ
  • anonymous 2015.01.10 15:46

    The first letter of your id should be small-case alphabet or numbers. pw is alphabet+numbers, 6-20 characters.

  • anonymous 2015.01.11 14:16
    Is this only available to iPhone users? I am using Android....
  • yongyongjii 2015.01.21 17:48
    Same question : does this work for Android?
  • heich_ 2015.01.21 18:43 Files첨부 (1)

    Android users: Please check these out! 


    cr. yongyongji

  • heich_ 2015.01.22 17:26
  • heich_ 2015.09.13 15:22
    Reminder! :)
    It's that time again! Please make sure to download and stream starting at 0:00 AM KST today!!!!!!!
  • silvergate08 2015.09.15 04:56
    this is a weird question but can someone do this for me? i really would like to help the melon streaming but i am afraid to change the details in my itunes account since it is connected to other things. im afraid i will have problem in my bank account. so what if i will send u thru paypal and then someone will kindly download/purchased the packages for me, is this possible?????
  • heich_ 2015.09.15 05:10

    the thing is it's not a matter of how much money we have -- it's the number of accounts that stream/dl the songs.

  • silvergate08 2015.09.15 05:26

    oh, sorry if i offended you about money, its not my intention. i just would really like to help the melon streaming. becoz i know melon is huge factor for the points. thats why this question suddenly pops up to my mind if this is even possible.

  • heich_ 2015.09.15 06:08

    oh, no no, you didn't offend me at all! of course I understand and that's what all of us are trying to do. I was saying that collecting money could help only if we could utilize many people who can also run that on their PC/phones, but those who can help you are already streaming it using their machines. I'll try to look into what i fans can do to help. 

  • silvergate08 2015.09.15 06:20

    oh thank you thank you so much *hug you*

  • klaritia 2015.09.15 09:28

    You can always create an extra Apple ID setting the country to Korea just for Melon or other Korean apps. This won't affect your everyday Apple ID at all.

  • sakuratint 2015.09.16 18:10
    I have a few questions regarding the streaming! >.< Do i have to download then delete the song for the stream to be counted?? Also, is it possible to play the song continuously or do i have to alternate the song? Thank you!
  • klaritia 2015.09.16 19:22

    You have to delete the song in your device for the streaming to count.

    It will only be counted once each hour no matter how many times you play.

    Some tutorials say looping a single song endlessly is not a good idea. Most advice making a playlist of 5 or 6 songs, with the title track somewhere in the middle and stream the playlist for once each hour.

  • sakuratint 2015.09.17 01:15
    Thank you so much! I have a lot of doubts since there were variations going around. But i willl do just that! Thank you ^^

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