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(*녹음본은 healing_jyh님께서 제공 및 재업허가해주셨습니다^^ 감사드립니다! The recording was generously provided and permitted by healing_jyh)

마지막은 저희 곡으로 끝내려고 저희 곡을 준비해봤습니다. 이 곡의 원곡은 제 자작곡인 One Time입니다. One Time은 제가 굉~장히, 좋아하는. 제가 썼지만 노래를 들으면 항상 가슴이 뜨거워지는 그런 음악입니다. 저한테 있어서. 그런데 이 노래를 또 류현진 선수가 좋아해주셔서 영광스럽게도 새롭게 편곡도 하고, 새롭게 가사를 써서 Ryu Can Do It이라는 제목으로 류현진 선수에게 선물하게 되었습니다. 제가 다저스 구장에서 애국가를 부른 적이 있는데, 그 전날 제가 경기를 보러 갔었습니다. 근데 류현진 선수가 나올 때 "Ryu Can Do It"이 LA다저스의 구장에서 울려퍼지는데 막, 아...그 순간은 뭉클하고 크흐~ 뜨거워졌던. 그런 기억이 나네요. 

처음 One Time 가사를 썼을 때와, Ryu Can Do It의 새로운 가사를 썼을 때, 또 다른 감동으로 다른 느낌으로 가사를 쓰게 됐던 것 같아요. 그런 벅찬 기분들 때문에 음악을 끊을 수 없는 것 같습니다. 저의 곡이지만 여러가지로 저를 자주 자주, 매일 매일 감동시키는 곡입니다. 

네. 여러분들께 이 곡을 들려드리면서, 이번 회는 마칠까 하는데요. 제가 음악을 듣고 또 음악을 하면서 경험하는 수많은 감동과 추억들, 이런 것들이 저의 취향을 공고히 해주는 것 같습니다. 그래도 다양한 음악과 음악적 경험들에는 제가 항상 열려있습니다. 아직도 저는 성장중이니까요. 네 여러분, 조만간 다시 봐요. 씨엔블루의 Ryu Can Do It. 안녀엉~

For the ending, I prepared our song to close this episode. Originally, this song is my composition called "One Time". "One Time" is a song that I real~ly like, although I wrote it, it's a song that always heats up my heart. It's that kind of a song to me. It turns out that the baseball player Ryu Hyunjin also likes this song. It was an honor to rearrange and rewrite the lyrics and title it "Ryu Can Do It" to gift it to him. I also had a chance to sing the Korean national anthem at the Dodger Stadium. The day before, I went to watch a game there. When Ryu Hyunjin came out, "Ryu Can Do It" was played throughout the LA Dodger Stadium. Oh...it was such an emotional, heartwarming moment.

When I wrote the new lyrics for "Ryu Can Do It," it had a different set of inspirations and feelings from when I first wrote the lyrics to "One Time." I think these fulfilling emotions are what makes it impossible for me to quit music. Although it's my song, it inspires me often, day after day, for a variety of reasons.

With this song, I'm going to close this episode. As I listen to music and make music, a myriad of inspirations and memories seem to consolidate my tastes. Nonetheless, I'm always open to diverse music and musical experiences; I am, after all, still in the process of growing. Everyone, see you soon. 

Here's CNBLUE's "Ryu Can Do It". Buh-bye~!

CNBLUE- "Ryu Can Do It"

저스트정용화에서 만든 가사 비디오입니다^^ Lyric video - made by justJYH!

  • klaritia 2014.11.24 17:59
    Amazed going through another BEAT Yong DJ episode.

    We have never had the opportunity to hear him talk about himself so much like this in the past 5 years.
  • heich_ 2014.11.24 18:45

    The whole ending comment is pure gold.

    I nearly cried when he said, "I am, after all, still in the process of growing." 

    I love love listening to what music he listened to while growing up and what he listens to now. I especially LOVE how he meticulously identifies, categorizes, and explain these diverse musical genres and their influences to us in the most friendly manner possible. It's all the more fun that he adds his own experiences--seemingly everyday/personal memories like putting posters of favorite artists in middle school to wildly successful, world-touring, Linkin Park-opening, Dodger Stadium-singing episodes--in the midst of his cute and witty expressions. 

    Beat is like GODSEND. It's providing us what we've been so yearning to hear, in the best way imaginable.

    It needs to go on as long as possible! (fingers crossed)

  • kookienno 2014.11.24 18:44
    i really really really love this song. so proud to be one of this great young man with his BIG passions, clear visions, and convincing capabilities to reach all of his goals in life!! Top Of The World!!
  • Amm 2014.11.25 01:54
    Thank you, heich_ for all trans of Beat...We know him more through this wonderful program and through your trans. I've never imagined that he could tell the story of his life in very detailed manner through his favorite songs. Such a thoughtful, caring, and heartwarming boy. I notice that he always mention about his fans that he want us to join, to share, to be a part in his life...<3
  • Pearl 2014.11.25 09:17
    His Beat DJ program is a godsend to us as it is providing us the best medium to get to know more of our dear Yong Hwa, his private thoughts and life. I am very thankful he chooses to share some of his personal moments, thoughts and inspirations with us. Thank you so much for translating all his comments.
  • YAT 2014.11.25 11:56
    I am also happy that YH joins the Beat DJ program & shares his thoughts ... just so fun to hear him. I hope one day he will have his own very radio/variety channel. I am amazed at YH's compositions & vocals. I am comforted that he is also uplifted by his songs (in difficult moments).

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