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2014.11.14 00:02

Belated FA - Osaka Wave Day 2

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My computer is dying and I find it difficult to update my post via handphone. Thought of giving up this FA, but still....

Like to share a rumble of thought on Osaka Wave Concert. 

For me overseas fangirl but not a fanclub member, watching CNBLUE Japan concert is indeed a dream. I ever read an Arashi fan's comment "A concert trip takes strong will, huge amount of money, a little bit insanity and lots of luck!" How true it is; though not that hugh sum I suppose. 

Osaka Wave is my third CNBLUE concert this year. I was so stressful in getting good seats for my previous two Can't Stop concerts. Coming up my third trip, I can settle myself with whatever seat. It is imperative that I enjoy their music and witness their growth. 



Japanese fanlady who helped me secured a ticket, had started her "CNBLUE tour" on 28 October to attend every Wave concert. How awesome and definitely "She is the number one fan"!! To toast my milestone attending CNBLUE Japan concert, i have pampered myself with some official goods :P

  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:12

    Overall atmosphere was great and Yonghwa was in tip-top condition. You must be nodding since you have listened to live streaming.
    Please come to Japan concert for at least once and you will realise the seamless sound effect. It is well equalised on music instruments and vocal. You will enjoy it fully in every corner.

  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:13
    As everybody knows, the concert started off with Ring. He sang passionately and fans fell for him. He immediate ignite our hearts on whispering "miss you my love". A good start!!
  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:16

    Followed by KIA which I like least and only listen once in a blue moon. Live performance is a magic wand to songs. The more it is performed, the more fans feel fonds of it, especially those simple and upbeat songs. Our brilliant Yonghwa knows it well. I can't stop humming KIA on my way to Nara.

  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:17
    Have A Good Night - first song YH started to seduce us. Isn't it illegal pulling down his shirt in front of thousands of fans? This guy is getting insane. Hehehe... love it. I know there will be more to come.
  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:18
    Emceeing, I pay more attention to the stage. It is beautiful!! CNBLUE logo are seen etched at Japan stages. Not onIy it looks grand but also demonstrate a solid position in fans' mind. For centre stage in Osaka, no doubt it is CNBLUE boys' idea. They always act fair to fans. I could visualise YH stake his own revenue to build it. Forgive me having no good impression on HSH.
  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:20
    I can say Lonely Night and Just Please are my most favourite DSM songs. During Niconico Wave release interview, YH & JH chatted about light effect supposed to be while performing Lonely Night. Well I can't stop smiling to our dorky Yong.
  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:20

    It has been a while they have not performed Y why. it is great to listen to it, especially its English version. I can sing along happily :P

    Oh.. Second round of seducing is up while singing Foxy. From unbuttoned three then to four, Yonghwa has driven us crazy!

    Radio is a great song for live performance. As if becoming CNBLUE members, we now laugh and sing and dance together. It is incredible.

  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:21

    Yonghwa must be enjoying himself most at final encore. CNBLUE members are running relay while we have to support them by doing human wave for four times. Yonghwa is so contented and has such a big grin on his face. Gosh.. His smile melts my heart!

    They talk a lot though I understand none. From translation by fans, Yonghwa has mentioned "Dreams do come true if we keep on working hard". How inspiring!

  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 00:22

    Osaka Wave Concert trip has made me another enjoyable experience.

    Japan has a wonderful ambiance. It allows artists/musicians to grow. The concert hall is well equipped and provides a perfect sound effect. My decision on attending Osaka Wave Concert is my best ever!

  • A very young fangirl attending the concert 


    Japan Concert ticket is at a favorable price!!



  • I did buy Yonghwa designed Tee which I was wearing :P


  • heich_ 2014.11.14 03:34
    Thank u for the detailed fa!!!! The girl is ao cute :) Glad you enjoyed the concert^^
  • Pearl 2014.11.14 03:38
    Osaka was also my 1st time attending a Japanese concert and I must say the whole experience and feel is definitely very different from those concerts outside Japan. I love it the most when there is total silence (to the extent that one can hear a pin drop) when they sing their ballads. Such a wonderful experience to be able to listen to his emotive singing without some fan girl spoiling the mood of the song, I love it.

    Osaka Day 2 was crazy high thanks to the energy from the boys especially Yong Hwa. He was really so seductive and constantly teasing us with his sexiness and that open collar of his. One of my favourite new songs has got to be Lonely Nights, Yong Hwa's DSM song which has this classic rock kind of feel and when sung live, it has a life of its own.

    The irony of attending their concert in Japan is that I can understand more of their songs as a large portion are sung in english (Y, Why in english is just love <3 <3 <3), but then I can't understand a word when it comes to MC time cos I don't understand Japanese. But it is definitely a must-have experience if one wants to really be able to listen to them sing in perfect surroundings. Now that I have experienced what concert heaven is, I am again hooked and will probably include many more Japan concerts in my future plans.
  • s.jefferson 2014.11.14 08:33
    Do anticipating Tokyo Dome... Yonghwa's next dream stage
  • Pearl 2014.11.15 01:22
    Yes when that happens, just cross my fingers that I will be able to attend.
  • Arashi 2014.11.14 06:47
    Thank you girls for the FAs...hope i can attend one of their jp concerts soon
  • neo 2014.11.14 06:53
    Will do my best to include jp concerts into my list.thnx for all the great review.
  • YAT 2014.11.14 14:40
    Thank you for the FA. He is the awesome frontman of the band & the soul of the concert. I am now forward to his solo concert too:-)
  • angel 2014.11.19 10:13
    Thank you very much for the fa.i hope someday i can watch them also in Japan someday.

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