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the FNC NO3.

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I want to go on a trip. It doesn't matter wherever. By myself! Since I'm with the members every day (laughs), I'll go alone! I think I need that kind of time, too. But it won't be too much fun if I go often. Before the summer's over, I want to go to Haeundae Beach and eat fried chicken with my friends!


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It was really nice. I had no idea there was a yacht marina nearby. This was my first time going somewhere on a yacht, it was so cool. I thought it'd be nice to have a yacht.  If not for the shoot, I want to come here and party with Busan friends or members, or my family. Drink some wine and champagne.
Going to the beach is nice in summer, but I like mountains too. In Busan, I used to go hiking every weekend. Just out of my home was the mountain. There's a Buddhist temple too. Everything was there together, so it was nice. It's so refreshing to go in the morning. Sometimes I went with my friends, and other times with my father who's a member of an alpine club. While hiking I usually don't talk with my father. "The air's pleasant here~" things like that? But the fact that we were hiking together was great. If I have free time, I want to go hiking with my father, it's been a while.

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더운 여름 에어컨이 없다면?

용화: 아우~~상상하기 싫어요. 정말 못 살 거 같아~.

전 더위를 심하게 타는 편이에요. 땀도 많이 나고요(웃음). 에어컨이 없으면 절대 시원하게 보낼 수가 없어요.

여름에는 낮에 나가는 거 진짜 싫어해요.

그러면 그냥 집에 있을 것 같아요. 그나마 그늘에 있겠죠. 땀이 많아서 땀 흘리는 걸 싫어해요.

제가 정말 많은 것을 해봤는데요, 너무 더울 때는 어떻게 안 되더라구요.

컨트롤이 안 돼요. 약간 긴장하고 그러면 땀이 더 나는 것 같아요. 땀 때문에 병원에도 가봤는데, 못 고친대요.

샤워는 따뜻한 물로 해요. 근데 샤워할 때는 잘 모르지 않아요?

차가운 물이나, 따뜻한 물이나? 전 끝나고 나서 시원한 것 때문에 하는 거라서요.

 따뜻한 물로 하는 게 기분이 좋거든요. 그 좋아하는 농구도 밤에만 해요.

나갈 일이 없으면 나가지도 않아요. 운동도 낮엔 절대 안 해요(웃음).

밤에 하죠. 무조건!


지금으로부터 5년 전 학창 시절 여름방학---

용화: 여름방학 때는 친구들이랑 해운대 가서 놀았죠.

가서 물놀이 하고 친구들이랑 범어사에도 많이 갔어요.

종교는 다르지만 집 근처 산에 있었거든요.

친구들이랑 같이 산에 올라가는 재미가 있었죠.



용화: 전 초등학교 때부터 농구를 되게 좋아했거든요. 잘하는 편이에요(웃음). 제 포지션은 가드에요.

엄청 잘하는 사람 아니면 대게 제가 이기죠. 하하. 요즘도 밤에 가끔 해요.

멤버들이랑 하긴 하는데 멤버들이 잘 못해서 모르는 사람들하고 주로 해요.

예전에 EXO랑 우연히 만나서 같이 농구 한 적이 있어요. 모르는 사람들하고 붙어서 하고 있는데 오더라고요.

EXO가 섞여서 연예인 팀, 일반인 팀 3 대 3으로 해서 저희가 이겼어요.

농구 하러 가면 모르는 사람들이랑 자주 붙기도 해요. 농구 하는 쪽에 가서 “3 대 3, 한판 하실래요?” 하고 물어봐요.

공 없는 사람이 대부분 먼저 물어보죠(웃음).


씨엔블루는 더운 여름, 선풍기 앞에서 □□□을(를) 한다.

용화: 가만~히 있는다.


휴식이 필요해!

용화: 음... 활동 끝났을 때? 지금 월드 투어 중인데, 지금은 괜찮아요.

투어 중에는 호텔에 있거나 마사지 받으면서 쉬죠. 맛있는 것도 먹고요.

이번에 호주 갔을 때는 더 쉬다 왔는데요, 관광도 좀 해서 좋았어요. 맛있는 스테이크도 먹고, 호텔 주변에서 쇼핑도 했어요.

쇼핑도 힐링이 되는 것 같아요.

스트레스 받을 때에는 그냥 푹 자요. 대부분 자고 일어나면 괜찮아지거든요.

전 스트레스가 쌓이거나 고민이 있을 때, 혼자 걷는거 보단 그냥 방에 있는 게 좋더라고요.

아무래도 가장 힐링이 되는 공간은 부산 집인 거 같아요.


“제주도! 한 번도 화창한 날에 가본 적이 없어요. 뭐 비가 매일 와서 좋긴 했는데, 화창한 날은 한 번도 제대로 못 봤거든요.

가서 구경하고 싶어요. 전 여태껏 촬영으로밖에 안 가봐서 여행으로 한 번 가보고 싶어요.

골프 연습 많이 해서 골프 치러도 가고 싶고요(웃음)” -용화-


What if there's no air conditioning in hot summer?
YH: Ugh~~ I don't even wanna imagine that. I don't think I can live~.
I'm especially weak at enduring heat. I sweat a lot, too (laughs). Without air conditioning, there's absolutely no way I'm having a cool summer.
I really dislike going outside in summer.
I think I'd rather just stay at home. At least I'll be in the shade. Since I sweat so much, I hate things that make me sweat.
I've tried so many things, but when it gets too hot there's no remedy.
I cannot control it. It gets worse if I'm nervous a little. I even consulted a doctor, but they said there's no cure.
I take showers in warm water though. Isn't it difficult to tell when you're taking a shower, whether it's warm or cold water? I do it for the cool feeling afterwards. It feels better when you take it with warm water.
Although I love basketball, I only play at night. If there's no reason for it, I don't even go out. I never play sports during the day (laughs). At night, always!

Summer vacation 5 years ago--
YH: During the summer break, I played at the Haeundae Beach with my friends. We played in the water, went to Bum-eo Temple. Though it's not my religion, it was at a mountain near my home. It was so much fun hiking with my friends.

In fact...
Since elementary school, I loved playing basketball. I'm quite good at it (laughs). My position is guard. Unless they're extremely good, I usually win. Haha. I still play at night these days. I play with members, too, but they aren't very good so usually I play with people I don't know. A while ago, I met EXO by chance and played basketball with them. I was playing with people I don't know, and they came along. Including EXO, we played 3 on 3, celebrity team vs. non-celebrity, and we won. When I go to play basketball, I often play with people I meet for the first time. I go to those who are playing and ask, "Wanna play 3 on 3?" Usually the person who doesn't have a ball goes to ask first (laughs).

In hot summer, CNBLUE does □□□ in front of the (air) fan.
YH: I stay still.

I need a break!
YH: Hmm...maybe after our promotions? We're on a world tour now, but it's alright.
During the tour, we're at hotels, get massages and rest. Eat good food, too.
When we went to Australia this time, we had more time to rest. It was nice to take a tour too. We had tasty steak and went shopping near the hotel. I think shopping is "healing" in a way.
When I'm stressed out, I just go to sleep. Usually I get better when I wake up after a good sleep. The place that heals me the most is probably my Busan home.

Cheju Island! I've never been there on sunny days. I mean I like how it rained every time, but I couldn't see what it's like in good weather. I want to go sightseeing. I've only been there for filming, so I want to go for a travel. I practiced golf a lot, so I want to go golfing, too (laughs)


Scanned by idea

Translated by heich_

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    깨알같은 귀염짤들도 있고~ 농구한 뒤 수돗물 트는 청년의 로망...크으~ 역시 뭘 좀 아는 남좌...

    멋진 스캔과 기사 타이핑까지 감사드립니다^^ 아래 번역 추가해 둘게요~

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  • heich_ 2013.09.01 06:56

    그 부분 정말 저도 놀랐어요! 그것도 스스럼없이 먼저 가서 하자고 하고~ 역시 붙임성 최고!!!

    같이 농구하는 분들 참 부럽습니다....

  • mystarYH 2013.09.01 07:21
    저는 그 옆에 앉아 구경하고 싶어요.ㅠㅠ
    게다가 활동 상황이 겹치지 않아 친분이나 안면 없을꺼 같은 모그룹과 농구 얘기도 신선하네요ㅎㅎ
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    용화의 네추럴한 분위기가 너무 좋네요.
  • klaritia 2013.09.01 07:30

    Thank you for awesome scans. I can't believe they include so few pics of him in this issue.
    But I enjoy the Yonghwa interviews as usual. He makes the most boring interview on Earth interesting.
    They should have included footage of Yonghwa playing the basketball in the DVD!!!

  • Serena 2013.09.01 12:53
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    Thanks Heich for translating the interviews for us. Really enjoyed reading. So insightful and full of titbits of things I didn't already know about Yong.
  • Pearl 2013.09.01 18:35
    Thanks for the translations and scanning of the pictures plus posting all these on this amazing site. I really love the part where he talked about going hiking with his dad, what a lovely son. I hope he gets to do that soon, cos family is the most important safe haven he has.
  • tukatik 2013.09.03 01:08
    Thank you so much Love !!!
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