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민들레 국수집 소식 Newsletter from Dandelion Noodle House

by justjyh posted Jun 02, 2013

민들레 국수집에서 이번에 저희가 기부한 쌀을 잘 받으셨다고 감사의 글을 홈페이지 소식란에 적어주셨습니다.

꼭 필요하실때 요긴하게 쓰여진듯 하여 다행입니다.^^ 기부에 참여해주신 모든 분들께 다시 한번 감사드립니다.

Dandelion Noodle House thanked our rice donation in their website's newsletter. (Please scroll down for English)

It seems like our donation came just in time when they needed it. :) Again, thank you everyone for participating in our charity project.


CNBLUE 월드투어 서울공연에서 받은 쌀화환을 "저스트 정용화님"이 900Kg이나 민들레국수집에 보내주셨습니다.
우리 손님들이 이 쌀로 밥을 해서 먹고  힘을 내어 살아갈 것입니다.  고맙습니다.
2003년 만우절에 민들레국수집을 열었습니다.  처음에는 쌀 살 돈이 없어서 국수를 삶았습니다.  그런데 손님들이 국수를 두세 그릇이나 드시고도 '밥 없어요?'  물어봅니다.
그래서 밥을 했습니다.  쌀이 떨어지는 것이 너무 아슬아슬해서 쌀독을 도자기로 바꿨습니다.  뚜껑을 열기 전에는 쌀이 있는지 없는지 몰라서 좋았습니다.
멀리서 쌀 한 포대 어깨에 메고 오시는 분이 제일 반가웠습니다.
2005년에 KBS TV "인간극장"에 민들레국수집 이야기가 방영되면서 놀라운 일들이 벌어졌습니다.   그토록 간을 쫄게 했던 귀한 쌀이 전국 방방곡곡에서 택배로 몰려오기 시작했습니다.
우리 손님들이 드시고도 남아서 어떻게 하면 좋은 분들이 보내주신 귀한 쌀을 잘 나눠먹을 수 있을까 고민을 했습니다.  그리고 어려운 이웃들과 나눴습니다.
쌀이 있으면 바라만 보고 있어도 배가 부르다는 분들과 참 많이도 나눴습니다.  얼마 전에 얼마나 나눴는지 대강 셈을 해 봤습니다.  2005년부터 지금까지 우리 손님들이 충분히 밥을 드시고도 여유가 되는 쌀을 20킬로로 5,800 포 정도  나눴습니다.  고맙습니다.  물고기 두 마리와 보리빵 다섯 개로 오천 명이나 먹고도 남은 것이 열두 광주리나 되었다는 오병이어의 기적입니다.
보통 3월에서 5월 사이에 민들레국수집은 쌀이 아슬아슬합니다.  할머니들께서 국수집에 쌀을 가지러 오시면 가슴을 졸이며 갈등을 하다가 할머니께 쌀을 드리곤 합니다.  며칠 전이었습니다.  이층에서 쌀을 내려온 봉사자께서 쌀이 일곱 포 남았다고 알려줬습니다.  일곱 포면 하루 정도 버틸 수 있는 양입니다.  그런데 쌀이 떨어졌다면서 옥점할머니가 오셨습니다.  망설이다가 쌀을 한 포 나눠드렸습니다.
그런데 놀라운 일이 벌어졌습니다.
전화가 왔습니다.  CNBLUE 정용화님의 팬이라는 분입니다.  혹시 민들레국수집에서 쌀도 받아주는지 물어봅니다.  세상에!  얼마나 반가운 전화인지요!  20킬로 포장으로 45포가 국수집에 도착했습니다.
이런 일을 자주 겪으면서도 쌀이 아슬아슬 할 때 쌀을 나눠달라는 분이 오면 갈등을 하는 제가 한심스럽습니다.  그러면서 고맙습니다.  민들레국수집을 도와주시는 모든 분들께 감사 인사드립니다.  복 많이 많이 받으십시오!

"justJYH" sent us 900kg of rice wreath from CNBLUE World Tour in Seoul to Dandelion Noodle House.

Our guests will eat meals cooked with this rice and receive strength to live on. Thank you.

We opened Dandelion Noodle House on April Fool's Day in 2003. At first, we didn't have enough money for rice so we boiled noodles. But even after two, three servings of noodles, our guests would ask "Don't you have any rice?"

So we started cooking rice. We ran out of rice too often, so we changed the container to pottery. This way we didn't know beforehand if we didn't have enough rice.

We were most thankful to those who brought a bag of rice to us.

Since Dandelion Noodle House's story was aired on KBS TV's "Human Theater" in 2005, incredible things began to happen. Rice began to be delivered from all over the nation.

We even had leftovers after feeding our guests. We began to ponder how to share this precious rice with many others. So we began sharing it with our neighbors in need.

We shared them with many who said they're not hungry anymore just by seeing the bag of rice. Recently, we estimated how much we've shared so far. Since 2005, we have shared about 5,800 bags of 20kg rice from the excess amount after we treated all of our guests. Thank you. It's just like the miracle of five loaves of bread and two fish that fed 5,000 and still left with twelve baskets.

From March to May, rice is scarce at Dandelion Noodle House. When grandmothers visit us for rice during this time, we tend to hesitate and think twice before giving them out. It was a few days ago when a volunteer came down from the second floor and told us we had seven bags of rice. That's only enough for us to sustain one day. But Grandma Okjum came saying she ran out of rice. We hesitated, and gave her one bag of rice.

This is when something amazing happened.

We received a call. From a fan of CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa. Asked if Dandelion Noodle House accepts rice, too. How in the world? How gracious!  45 bags of 20kg rice were delivered to the Noodle House.

It's such a shame that I even worry over it when our neighbors ask us for rice, because these things have happened often. At the same time, I'm grateful. Thank you all those who help us Dandelion Noodle House. Bless you, bless you!

출처: http://www.mindlele.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=01&wr_id=78771

  • klaritia 2013.06.02 16:52
    Thank you so much for translation. And most of all, thank you so so so much for organizing the charity project in the name of YH and allowing us to be a part of it.
    I feel so great that we've helped people who most need it. I really hope that if this little act of knodness causes any blessings, the blessings will go to Yonghwa himself. Though I think others' happiness is reward already.
    Loving YH has spread love. Too good to be true! A miracle indeed.
  • spicylemon 2013.06.02 17:13
  • checkinout 2013.06.02 18:00
    What a blessing to be part of another person's blessing! Thanks for sharing this story!
  • steelyhazel 2013.06.02 18:37

    Is it this place? http://www.koreana.or.kr/months/news_view.asp?b_idx=2397&lang=en&page_type=list. Thank you again for organising it. A worthy cause anyway you look at it.

  • justjyh 2013.06.03 06:28

    Yes, this is them. Thank you for this article! ^^

  • truestarjyh 2013.06.02 18:51
    What a blessing
  • Pearl 2013.06.02 22:33
    I'm so happy to be able to participate in this project which will ultimately help those in need. Thank you for organising it.
  • 모모 2013.06.02 23:09
    참으로 따뜻하고 힐링이 되는 글입니다.
  • sandra 2013.06.02 23:48
    I'm happy that my donation helped other in need, thank you for organizing this. I'll always support your projects :)
  • feeling_JYH 2013.06.03 00:20
    따뜻한글 감사합니다~
  • mystarYH 2013.06.03 00:27
    저희의 귀한 정성으로 모인 쌀이 귀중한 때에 좋은 곳에 기부되어 너무 기분이 좋습니다. 감사합니다ㅠㅠ
  • musica 2013.06.03 04:14
    Thank you so much. I am so very happy to know that our love and support of YH turned out to help such a worthy charity. I like their unpretentiousness. Seems to match YH's warm directness. Thanks again for finding such a special place. Looking forward to the next such opportunity.
  • desyindrayani 2013.06.03 04:21
    Thank you for organizing this. Am glad our love for yh could help others.
  • mariej1000 2013.06.03 04:35
    I cried when reading "It's just like the miracle of five loaves of bread and two fish that fed 5,000 and still left with twelve baskets". Thanks a lot to allow me to be part of this. I'm really happy
  • paradise 2013.06.03 13:55
    기쁩니다 감사합니다
  • kay77 2013.06.05 04:44
    I teared up reading this news. Thank you, Just JYH, for organizing this. To think that our joint efforts, in love and support of very special and wonderful person named Jung Yong Hwa, have given a helping hand to those really in need is very heartwarming. Again, much thanks to hard working admins of Just JYH!
  • Bohemian_n 2013.06.08 11:17
    따뜻한 사람들, 멋진 사람들.
  • justfeeling 2013.06.22 16:58
    Cnblue fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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