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    [YH Angle] Be OK, Glory Days ~2016 Our Glory Days~ @NIPPONGAISHI HALL

    Be OK Glory Days
    Date2018.03.21 Category공연 Views189 Votes4
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  2. 정용화에게 밴드 프로듀서란? KPOP MAKERS

    *translations only for viewing in justJYH. Do not capture/repost. What does "band producer" mean to JYH? -Someone who can mediate using the language of music with those who have different musical styles. Someone who readily comes to help up...
    Date2018.03.20 Category인터뷰 Views404 Votes18
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    CNBLUE 2017 ARENA LIVE TOUR ~Starting Over~ 』DVD,BD 다이제스트

    Date2018.03.20 Category공연 Views164 Votes3
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  4. Room622 in HK

    Date2018.03.18 Category사진 Views162 Votes3
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  5. Jung Yong Hwa さん 写真集 from「Summer Calling」

    Date2018.03.17 Category사진 Views1050 Votes6
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    「FEEL THE FIVE “Y”」 Message from Yonghwa

    Date2018.03.16 Category기타 Views357 Votes5
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  7. Feel the Five 'Y' Teaser Site

    https://www.jungyonghwa.jp/ 1st NEW SONG 5月21日(月) 配信限定リリース
    Date2018.03.16 Category뉴스 Views309 Votes2
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    Date2018.03.16 CategoryMV Views231 Votes3
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    Don't Say Good Bye

    Don't say, don't say good-bye We'll be all right 晴天の空に突然振り出したRain 滲んだ地図に戸惑ってもしょうがない 君が胸で光っているから 僕の空に一点の曇りもない (it's all right) 離れ離れになろうと 悲しいことばっかじゃないよ 一つ一つがHistor...
    Date2018.03.16 Category가사 Views646 Votes13
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    [직캠 Fancam] FM 발표곡 영상

    Date2018.03.16 Category공연 Views157 Votes0
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  11. 2017 Arena Tour ~Starting Over~ @YOKOHAMA ARENA DVD Cover - YH pics

    Date2018.03.12 Category사진 Views187 Votes1
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    180312 메자마시 TV Mezamashi TV

    Date2018.03.12 Category뉴스 Views170 Votes5
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    CDTV - 주간 DVD/Bluray 랭킹 2위!

    Date2018.03.11 Category뉴스 Views162 Votes4
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  14. Stay 622 직찍 용화

    Date2018.03.11 Category사진 Views271 Votes5
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    사랑빛 중 휘파람 - Stay622 D1

    https://twitter.com/astrata78/status/972425802934501376 ♥
    Date2018.03.11 Category공연 Views240 Votes1
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    내년 연말에 만나요, 약속

    Date2018.03.10 Category공연 Views272 Votes2
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    팬미에서 공개된 신곡 완곡버전 New song full ver.

    Date2018.03.08 Category공연 Views578 Votes16
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    [YH Angle] Puzzle, Take me higher SPRING LIVE 2016 ~We're like a puzzle~ @NIPPON BUDOKAN

    Puzzle Take me higher
    Date2018.03.08 Category공연 Views114 Votes1
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    CNBLUE 「2017 ARENA LIVE TOUR -Starting Over- @YOKOHAMA ARENA」 ダイジェスト映像

    Date2018.03.07 Category공연 Views147 Votes1
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    [YH Angle] SHAKE, Lie - SPRING LIVE 2017 ~Shake Shake~ @OSAKA-JO HALL

    Shake Lie
    Date2018.03.07 Category공연 Views193 Votes3
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