아이돌밴드 씨엔블루가 허위사실을 유포하지 말라며 인디밴드 크라잉넛을 상대로 맞소송을 냈다.

앞서 크라잉넛은 지난 2월 저작권 침해에 따른 손해를 배상하라며 씨엔블루를 상대로 소송을 냈다.

이는 씨엔블루가 3년 전 한 케이블 방송에서 크라잉넛의 음원을 사용한 일을 두고 벌어진 법정공방이다.

1일 법조계에 따르면 씨엔블루 멤버 4명과 소속사 FNC엔터테인먼트는 지난달 27일 크라잉넛 멤버 5명을 상대로 허위사실 유포 금지 등 가처분 신청을 서울중앙지법에 냈다.

신청 내용은 본안소송과 관련한 일방적 주장을 공공연히 말하거나 홈페이지에 게시하지 말라는 것이다.

씨엔블루 측은 "크라잉넛이 '(씨엔블루가) 지적재산권을 강탈한 행위에 죗값을 치러야 한다'는 등의 말을 했다"며 "본안소송이 진행 중인데 자신들의 주장만 진실인 것처럼 얘기했다"고 지적했다.

이어 "씨엔블루는 데뷔한지 6개월도 안 된 시점에 방송국에서 반주(MR)를 준비했다고 해서 크라잉넛의 음원을 반주로 오인하고 노래를 했을 뿐"이라고 강조했다.

씨엔블루 측은 "(자신들이) 고된 훈련과 국내외 공연을 통해 다져놓은 한류스타 명성을 예전처럼 회복할 수 없게 됐다"며 "인격권이 현저히 훼손돼 가처분을 구하는 것"이라고 덧붙였다.

씨엔블루는 2010년 6월 CJ E&M의 '엠 카운트다운'에서 크라잉넛의 '필살 오프사이드' 무대를 선보이면서 반주 대신 원곡을 틀어놓고 공연을 했다. 이 프로그램 영상이 수록된 DVD를 일본에서 판매하기도 했다.

크라잉넛이 법적 대응에 나서자 씨엔블루 측은 방송사와 DVD 업체의 과실이라고 항변했다.

Idol band CNBLUE filed a counter suit against the indie band Crying Nut, arguing that they must not spread false information.

Last February, Crying Nut had sued CNBLUE for compensation of copyright infringement.

This is a legal dispute over CNBLUE's use of Crying Nut's music in a cable show 3 years ago.

According to the legal industry, 4 members of CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment applied for injunction against the 5 members of Crying Nut to prohibit dissemination of false information at the Seoul Central District Court on the 27th.

The application appeals that they do not publicly declare or post online their unilateral position regarding the suit.

CNBLUE's side said, "Crying Nut said that '(CNBLUE) needs to pay for the crime of looting intellectual property rights', speaking as if only their argument is the truth while the case is in progress."

In addition, they emphasized, "All CNBLUE did was, in less than 6 months of their debut, sing to an accompaniment(MR) that the network said they prepared thinking incorrectly it was not Crying Nut's music."

CNBLUE's side added, "Now we cannot retrieve the Hallyu star fame that we established over hard training and performances at home and overseas. We applied for injunction as our personal rights have been severely damaged."

In June 2010, at CJ E&M's 'M Countdown', CNBLUE performed Crying Nut's "Pilsal Offside" with the original music instead of accompaniment. They also sold the DVD with this video in Japan.

When Crying Nut took legal action, CNBLUE protested that it was the fault of the network and the DVD manufacturer.


  • strawberriesblues 2013.07.01 12:25
    Thank you Heich.
  • Cherie 2013.07.01 12:32
    Thank you for tran.
  • genie 2013.07.01 12:37

    thank you for the translation. Honestly.. I don't understand what their company is doing. Sure they might be annoyed that crying nut kept targeting cnblue even though the fault lies with mnet, but don't they understand that this will just make the general Korean public dislike cnblue even more? btw, can I just ask why Koreans are so narrowminded about rock music? the rock scene is basically non existent in Korea. You'd think that with all this pride they have for "real rock music", then their rock bands would do better, but no, there's barely a rock scene in korea. On the contrary, look at Japan. They have such a big rock scene and a wide range of groups ranging from hard metal to idol bands. Korea needs to let go of its prejudice. Your music scene will never develop if they continue like this.

    edit: ok I read it again and the 'hallyu star' part is giving me secondhand embarrassment. REALLY FNC?? no one overseas cares about this issue. you're just harming cnblue's reputation in korea and korea alone.

  • steelyhazel 2013.07.01 15:42

    Actually, Korea has a really decent indie rock scene. Going against one of the indie big names will hurt CNBLUE's reputation in that scene. The boys have done wonders in bringing rock into the Korean mainstream music, but they can go only so far with K-pop fans.

  • sandra 2013.07.01 13:38
    Thank you for the trans. FNC dissapoints yet again, it's like Loner all over again.....i wonder if they dont get that the public will probably shred CNB for this....and it's also super late reaction, everything has been silent for the past few months. SMH
  • steelyhazel 2013.07.01 15:13

    Thank you for the translation. Why bring it up now of all time?

  • 모모 2013.07.01 16:11
  • 제인오스틴 2013.07.01 19:48
  • 아멘다 2013.07.01 19:52
    무슨생각인지 ㅎㅅㅎ ...
  • klaritia 2013.07.01 20:08
    Hallyu star fame?!
    Pride and reputation as musicians never matter to FnC, I guess.
    So sick of HSH.
  • sue 2013.07.02 00:32
    Oh noooooooo....not again.
  • silvergate08 2013.07.02 00:38

    oh my gosh i thought fnc is gonna shut up for this. i know in my heart that it is not cnblue's fault but i hope they get this case in more silent action due to the mass are more sympathetic towards crying nut

    edit: wow fnc, whats with the hallyu star fame??? thats embarrasing

  • silvergate08 2013.07.02 01:35

    after reading it again and analyzing, im sorry about my above post. this time i agree with the filing of injuction. lawsuit should taken into court not on public since proceedings is not yet finished

  • zisel 2013.07.02 01:59
    I thought FNC said about filing an injunction some months back ago so I am surprised that it is mentioned now. Sad that CNBLUE seems to get entangled in issues not of their making (decision). My opinion is that Crying Nut is probably more pissed that people think CN is referring to CNBLUE and not Crying Nut thus their dogmatic attitude (apart from other factors) towards CNBLUE.
  • heich_ 2013.07.02 06:10
    FYI, crying nut has never been abbreviated as CN before or after this incident. It has nothing to do with the name, and let's be very careful about metioning anyone's intentions besides YH here.
  • zisel 2013.07.03 03:03

    Sorry about this .... that's why I said it's just my opinion. Anyway, I am only interested in Yong & his well-being.

  • Pearl 2013.07.02 09:44
    Personally I feel that irrespective of the final outcome of the legal battle, opinions are already formed and damage already done. The boys just have to do what they have been doing in the past and continue to work hard and show people what they are capable of. I believe many in the industry can see and agree that they are talented musicians and are serious about their music, and this unfortunate incident will not affect that.
  • junjirhenz 2013.07.02 10:46
    I don't understand the hate CNBLUE is getting from this issue. They have done nothing wrong to deserve this. I hope our boys stay stronger and positive despite this especially Yonghwa. Just thinking how Yonghwa is feeling right now makes my heart breaks.
  • klaritia 2013.07.02 11:33

    Having violated another musician's copyright unintentionally doesn't mean it is not a mistake in itself.

    Many fans think FNC releasing an official apology ON BEHALF OF CNBLUE is enough while Crying Nut demanded personal apology from CNBLUE. This may look too harsh in the eyes of CNBLUE fans, but all these negative feelings on CNBLUE on the side of the Korean indie scene (bands & their fans) was a direct result of how poorly the boss of FNC handled the "Loner-plagiarism" incident. That particular indie band was sympathetic towards rookie CNBLUE in the beginning. Mr Han responded by saying arrogant things which hurt that band's reputation, not the other way round.

    Mnet is the culprit ruining CNBLUE's reputation in the current issue. Of course Mnet paid Crying Nut for copyright violation already. I'm waiting for FNC to sue Mnet, if they think "reputation" is so important.

    It's true that damage has been done. But I think a lot of the damage is done by FNC themselves.

  • bongbong 2013.07.02 16:27
    이게 참...난감하네요.
    소속사에서 왜 이런 조치를 취했는지 짐작은 갑니다.
    재판은 최소 1년이 걸릴테고, 그 사이에 다툼이 있는 사안에 대해 한쪽의 입장만을 담은 주장이 마치 진실인 것처럼
    계속 대중에 유포되는 걸 막자는 거겠지요. 가처분이란 게 그런 거니까요.
    외톨이야 건만 봐도, 1년 후 법원에서 내려진 무죄 판결은 사실 아무 의미가 없었지요.
    그 사이에 대중의 정서적인 유죄 판결은 온라인에 계속 유포되었고, 그 낙인은 지금도 유효하니까요.

    솔직히 (팬의 입장에서) 2월에 사건이 터졌을 때,
    땅콩 측의 최초 언론 인터뷰가 꽤 선정적이었고 생각은 합니다, 억울한 부분도 있었고요...
    그래서 추후에, 음원도용에 의도성이 없었고 dvd 판매를 에펜씨가 한 게 아니라고 인정되면
    저작권에 대한 씨엔블루의 패소 여부와 상관없이, 허위사실 유포나 명예훼손으로 땅콩측을 걸자면 걸수도 있겠다 싶었습니다만...

    이건 승패와 상관없이 대중의 정서란 걸 고려해야 할 사안이 아닐지요.
    어쨌거나 문제를 일으킨 게 이쪽인 만큼 감수하고 가야 할 오해와 짐이 아닐지요.
    피터지게 싸워서 이겨도 결국 지는 게임이 아닐지요.
    씨엔블루가 이 재판을 이겨서 명예회복이 되길 기대하는 것보다,
    크게 한번 숙이고 묵묵히 제 갈길 가는 게 더 현명해 보이는 건 왜일까요?

    나라 안팎이 워낙 어수선해서,
    크게 이슈가 되지 않고 넘어가는 걸 다행스럽게 생각해야 하는건지...참..잘 모르겠네요...
  • heich_ 2013.07.02 17:58

    지금 지는 것이 길게 놓고 보았을 때 이기는 것일 수도 있다고 한번쯤 생각해주었더라면 얼마나 좋았을까요.

    말씀하신 것처럼 일면 이해는 가지만 그건 우리의 입장이고

    헤드라인 이상 읽을 리 없는 대중들에게는 또 하나의 낙인으로 깊게 파이겠지요.

    아쉽고, 또 아쉬운 결정입니다.

    지금 크게 화제가 되지 않더라도

    이건 이 팀의 정체성에 대한 근본적인 물음으로도 결국 회귀하는 문제라,

    여기서 더 나아가기 위해서는 언제, 어떤 방식으로든 이 사안에 대해 성숙한 고민의 결과를 보여야 한다고 생각합니다.

    단순히 법적인 승리가 아니라 진짜 명예와 존중을 얻기 위해서는요.

    긍정적인 점이라면

    부던히 초심을 찾으려 노력하지 않아도 찾을 수 밖에 없게 된다는 점 정도?;;;

  • checkinout 2013.07.03 22:07
    Using loss of 'hallyu star fame' has got to be the dumbest reason ever. It just makes them seem immature and whiny. I'm fine with filing an injunction as it is within their right to request another party not to continue to publicize one-sided versions in an ongoing case, but the excuse is utterly ridiculous. Seriously, who does press releases for FNC?

    My husband just sent me a snapshot of the Korean Herald he read in his hotel in Seoul today and this case is even mentioned there. The article makes FNC and CNBLUE sound completely childish - like kids stamping their feet for being 'deprived' of their 'hallyu status' when the bigger issue is about copyright infringement. My blood just boiled because that's the image that FNC is giving.

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