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cr. https://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/102202

「我想三十歲的我,是一個更成熟的鄭容和,是一個有擔當的鄭容和,是一個更強大的鄭容和,你們讓三十歲的我更幸福!」「因為值得,所以等待!我會好好等待兩年後的相聚,你們會等我嗎?」這是CNBLUE隊長鄭容和在入伍前最後的個人演唱會「2018 JUNG YONG HWA LIVE(ROOM 622)IN HONG KONG」中,最令筆者印象深刻的說話。

在開show前一天,他所屬的經紀公司FNC突然發表聲明,宣佈容和將於3月5日入伍,為專心準備服役,更取消泰國和台灣的演唱會,香港場便成為他跟大家「暫別」的演唱會。一開場他先以《Navigation》和《Summer Dream》等歌揭開序幕,他更努力用廣東話、普通話和英文跟現場粉絲打招呼和互動。

舞台上的容和表現風騷,在唱《Mileage》時一時扮彈琴,一時送飛吻。到《Goodnight Lovers》時大擺可愛甫士和跳舞,令在場粉絲尖叫聲不斷,他除了唱歌,更不時說一些令粉絲聽得很窩心的說話,例如感謝大家給了自己很多能量,而自己亦一直努力成為大家的正能量。在介紹樂隊成員時更將自己的名字放在其中,要求粉絲們大聲尖叫,他亦做出心心動作回報熱情的粉絲。冧招豈止這些,他更對粉絲說「你是我的女神」,而粉絲回稱他為「男神」,他一聽這稱呼即鬼馬說:「我知道,我在高中已被稱為男神了!」

到安哥時,容和說將《27 Years》改為《30 Years》,因為自己已經三十歲(韓國年齡),他更感性地說:「三十而立,我想三十歲的我,是一個更成熟的鄭容和,是一個有擔當的鄭容和,是一個更強大的鄭容和,你們讓三十歲的我更幸福!」此時粉絲大叫「我愛你」,他亦回應:「我也永遠愛你們!」他見粉絲們紛紛流淚即叫大家「Don’t cry」,更說自己三歲已不哭了。之後更說出要服役的事,「大家都知道我3月5日要去當兵了,突然告訴大家這個消息真的非常非常抱歉,我會努力儲更多的mileage,這樣可以給你們更多的energy,因為值得,所以等待!我會好好等待兩年後的相聚,你們會等我嗎?希望我們所有人都能再見面,謝謝大家,今天是美好的一天,I will be with you forever!I will comeback here after 2 years , please come here, OK? Be with me, wait for me, OK? 」他更再次叫大家不要哭,多謝大家多年來對自己的支持。 

容和雖叫大家不要哭,但在唱《One Fine Day》時都忍耐不住淚灑舞台,更哭到連歌都唱下去,到完成全曲時,他行上舞台樓梯返回後台。粉絲不斷大叫容和,大約十分鐘後,心情平復了的容和再次出台,先為剛才流淚致歉,更說這次是第一次在台上哭,他除要求再唱《One Fine Day》,更清唱《好想你》和《小酒窩》,大騷中文能力,最後他以《Goodnight Lover》 為演唱會劃上句號,臨別前大呼會再來香港,一定要等他,相信粉絲們一定會等容和回來!


Engtrans by strawberriesblues:

Jung YongHwa teared on HK stage, promised to meet everyone again in 2 years.

‘I think the me at 30yrs old is a Jung YongHwa that is more matured, is a Jung YongHwa that is more responsible and is a more powerful (stronger) Jung YongHwa, you have made me happier (blessed) at 30’. ‘Because it is worthwhile, so we wait, I will wait for the reunion in 2 years, will you wait for me?’ To this writer, this is the most impressive speech CNBLUE’s leader, Jung YongHwa made at his last concert <2018 Jung Yong Hwa Live (Room 622) in Hong Kong. 

One day before the show, his agency, FNC suddenly announced that YongHwa will be enlisting on the 5th of March, to focus on preparing his enlistment, the concerts in Thailand and Taiwan are cancelled and Hong Kong became his ‘temporary farewell’ concert. He started the concert with <Navigation> and <Summer Dream>, he also put in a lot of effort in greeting and interacting with fans in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

The JYH on stage was coquettish, during <Mileage> he at times played air piano and at times sent off flying kisses while singing. At <Goodnight Lover>, he made many cute poses and dance which had the fans shouting non-stop. Besides singing, he often said heart-warming stuff like thanking the fans for giving him lots of energy and have always worked hard in being everyone’s positive energy (world play on his Name 正 = 郑 = positive). At band intro, he introduced himself and requested for fans to scream for him and he reciprocated his passionate fans by throwing them heart signs. That’s not all, he told fans “You are my goddess” and fans replied that he is the ‘Male god’ which he replied mischievously “I know, I am already a male god in high school” Note : (thought he said he is from Namsan High School instead)

During encore, YongHwa said will change <27 years> to <30 years> as he is already 30 (Korean age), he said ‘(san shi er li) To be established at 30, I think the me at 30yrs old will be a Jung YongHwa that is more mature, is a Jung YongHwa that is more responsible and will be a more powerful (stronger) Jung YongHwa, you have made me happier (blessed) at 30’ and fans replied with shouts of ‘I LOVE YOU’ which he replied “I love you too forever!’. When he saw fans crying, he told everyone ‘Don’t Cry’, he said when he stopped crying at 3 years old. Then he addressed the issue of his enlistment ‘Everyone knows I will be enlisting on the 5th of March, I am very very sorry for the sudden announcement, I will work hard in accruing more mileage, like that I can give you more energy, because it is worth it, that is why we wait! I will wait for the reunion in 2 years’ time, will you wait for me? Hope we can meet everyone again, thank you, today is One Fine day, I will be with you forever! I will come back here after 2 years , please come here, OK? Be with me, wait for me, OK?’He told everyone not to cry again and thanked all for this support all these years. 

YongHwa told everyone not to cry but he could not control himself when he sang <One Fine Day> and teared up on stage, he could not stop crying to the extend where he could not continue singing the song and until he walked back up the stairs towards the backstage. Fans shouted for YongHwa non-stop, after about 10 mins, a much calmer YongHwa reappeared and apologised for crying, he said this was his first time he cried on stage. Besides asking to sing <One Fine Day> again, he sang (with no accompaniment) <Miss you> and <Little Dimples> and showed of his Mandarin ability. Lastly, he ended the concert with <Goodnight Lover> and just before he went off, he told everyone to come to Hong Kong again and they must wait for him, believe all the fans will definitely wait for YongHwa to come back!

  • anonymous 2018.01.29 15:45
    Thanks media for unbiased report!
  • anonymous 2018.01.29 18:54
    한국어 그리고 영어로 번역이 되었으면 하는 마음 간절합니다.
    긍정적인 기사라니 해외 용화팬들 에게도 알려졌으면..........
  • anonymous 2018.01.29 21:02
    차라리 외국 기사가 더 정확하게 사실을 적고 있더라구요 왜 내스타가 내나라에서 이런 대접을 받는지 이해가 안되요
  • anonymous 2018.01.29 21:17
    무슨 내용인지는 모르겠지만 긍정적인 내용이라 그나마 안심이 되네요.. 해외 기사도 제대로 써주는데 정작 한국은 왜 이런걸까요? 같은 한국인이라는 것이 뿌듯했는데 한국이라 용화발목을 잡고 있는 것이 아닐까 하는 생각마저 드네요ㅠㅠㅠ
  • anonymous 2018.01.29 22:15
    내용이 궁금하네요
  • anonymous 2018.01.29 23:31
    At least this news report gave a truthful review/ account of the concert and did not mention the issue which was irrelevant that day. If only Korean news reports can be as unbiased.
  • anonymous 2018.01.30 00:41
    많이 야위었네요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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