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2014.04.16 12:18

[Truth] Still full ver.

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Cr. warnermusicjapan
  • klaritia 2014.04.16 12:49

  • klaritia 2014.04.16 12:52
    Yonghwa so loves the piano these days? But the piano intro totally deceives... How the song builds up with that, so unexpected.
  • Nessa 2014.04.16 13:10
    The song is great and I love the stop motion effect they used in the video. Yong on the piano is <3. And that's the same guitar Yong
    used during I'm A Loner days right? It's been a while. :)
  • klaritia 2014.04.16 13:20
    If I remember correctly, that guitar he used in Bluetory promotion was given to AOA's Jimin more than a year ago. A present cheering his labelmate.
    given to AOA Jimin
  • flamekaka 2014.04.16 14:10

    The guitar he gave Jimin is black fender, he used in live performence during I'm a loner promotion http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbtpy9oVLb1rbmiymo1_500.jpg

    but the guitar he used in I'm a loner MV is the one in Still PV

  • Thank you. Honestly I never remember what guitars he used for what and when much. So I went to watch the Loner MV again.

    And to Nessa: Must be he used this lots too during Loner days but I only remember the black fender, the very first one. Sorry for my ignorance.


  • Nessa 2014.04.16 14:46

    Yeap... you're right about that :) . I guess I forgot to mention during their debut performance of I'm A Loner.. hehe my bad.

  • klaritia 2014.04.16 15:22

    Thank you. It's my mistake.

  • Nessa 2014.04.16 17:26
    Haha no probs^^ and no hard feelings . It just feels nostalgic to me when I saw the guitar and reminded me of how much they have
    accomplished since debut. Anyway, great screencaps you shared of YH and I can't wait to get my copy of Truth single next week. :)
  • flamekaka 2014.04.16 14:12

    yup! you have good memory!

  • musica 2014.04.16 13:22
    I don't even know what the song is about but just hearing the piano intro and the whisp of his voice that followed literally caused my heart a sharp pain. Amazing what he can do to me with his music only.
  • postilion 2014.04.16 16:47

    It's hard to hold my heart "still" at very beginning with piano and his voice, really. Like you, I can't help but speaking out : what does he do to me with his music? 

  • caluu 2014.04.18 02:18
    I felt the same thing. YH such an amazing musician.
  • Mia 2014.04.16 13:51
    Definitely like. Really, really like the melody. Although I usually prefer videos with a plot, I like this one, and I like it much, much more than the one for "Truth".

    Also, it's very nice to hear this kind of singing "dialogue", which I've waited for since "Lie".
  • heich_ 2014.04.16 15:35

    1차 듣고 소름이 쫙~
    이런 분위기의 곡은 정말 처음이지 않나요?
    마냥 아름다운 울 캔트스탑이를 다크다크하게 변주한다면 이렇게 되지 않을까 싶은 또다른 반전미의 곡이네요.

    그나저나 이제는 완연한 키보디스트^^ 용용~ 덕분에 갈수록 음악이 풍부해지네요.
    뮤비 시작하는데 헉 했쟈나요. 제가 손 덕후인줄 어케 알구 ㅡㅠ 은혜롭습니다.......
    라이브 공연때는 기타메고 피아노 칩니까? 어떻게 되는 겁니까?ㅋㅋ
    중간에 넣은 오토튠?같은 저 사운드도 굉장히 특이하고 타임스톱 기법이랑 어우러져 감각적이네요.

    이제는 정말로, 한국과 일본이 양갈래가 아닌, 새로우면서도 하나의 온전한 스타일로 일직선상의 진화를 보여주고 있어 기쁘고 가슴벅찹니다^^

  • silvergate08 2014.04.16 16:04
    its sounds so different but sounds so familiar. seriously! i cant explain my feelings LOL XD i really really like the song and love the mv too! the mix of different instruments and other electronics blended so well
  • Bohemian_n 2014.04.16 16:41
    정말 좋네요. 슬픈데 아름다워요 ㅠㅡㅠ
  • postilion 2014.04.16 16:51
    Hope lyrics in English translation will be posted soon :) Thanks in advance.
  • winnieho 2014.04.16 18:34

    Another winning song from JYH? Sounds different, yet sounds so CNBLUE. Been listening on repeat mode now. And JYH in the MV is too handsome for words!

  • s.jefferson 2014.04.16 19:47
    Nowadays YH's music is so colourful and rich ... Love to see his growth!!!
  • favoriteblue28 2014.04.16 22:38
    When listen to "TRUTH"' I was reluctant to purchase this CD because it kind like the second version of "LADY". But, after listen to this "STILL"!!!!!!! I must have this CD. thank you for posting this. And I love STILL YONGHWA. He looks like A HEAVENLY ANGEL. His eyes look so dark and shine.
  • Pearl 2014.04.20 17:58

    to be honest when I first listened to Still, it didn't quite appeal to me (maybe because I listened to it in office on low volume). But on my second try the song came to life and now I can't stop replaying it. While Truth had an immediate appeal to me, Still lingers in my mind and with each listen, it grows stronger and stronger. Another amazing song from Yong Hwa. I like it that the song is equally sung by 2 vocals.

  • YAT 2014.04.20 20:51
    Love YH's compositions always. So sophisticated. Another small window into YH's immense musicality. I love YH's vocals very much. I would watch a concert/musical (or buy an album) just for his vocals alone.
  • Mars 2014.04.20 22:07
    So surprised and happy for this great song. There is such richness in the composition and arrangement. Their voices, the piano intro, the signature band sound, the slight hints at electronic music and synth, the electric guitar...
    I hope their music continues to fill our hearts with joy and comfort.
  • booksandcoffeejen 2014.04.21 01:39
    I feel that "Still" might have been a stronger candidate for a title track than "Truth" but that just my opinion. I'm curious what the conversation was in deciding which be the lead single. It has every element that I love in a CNB song but still feels new and fresh. Dual vocals, piano, rock chorus, catchy melody, guitar solos, strong bass and drums and then BAM bringing in the dubstep. Impressive composition!
  • lotus 2014.04.21 19:26

    들을수록 곡이 좋네요..타이틀 정할때 마지막까지 경쟁했을것 같아요 ㅎㅎ

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