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    광희 Kwanghee - 사랑빛 Love Light

    Date2019.01.11 CategoryFanCover Views91 Votes0
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    이휘찬 (꼬꼬마밴드) 여자여자해 That Girl

    Date2018.12.26 CategoryFanCover Views178 Votes0
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    사랑빛 Love Light - 전북대 창작동아리 노모스

    cr. 전북대학교 포크음악 창작동아리 노모스 Chonbuk National University's Folk Music Club Nomos :) https://cafe.naver.com/jbnomos/509
    Date2018.12.11 CategoryFanCover Views695 Votes6
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    사랑빛 by 수현 of AKMU

    Date2018.11.18 CategoryFanCover Views203 Votes3
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    Mont- 여자여자해 That girl

    Date2018.11.12 CategoryFanCover Views169 Votes1
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    Catch Me - SF9 다원 (연습생 평가)

    Date2018.08.28 CategoryFanCover Views154 Votes0
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    Can't Stop - Idol Producer

    https://twitter.com/hoonseunie/status/959457091080437761 역시 명곡은 영원한 명곡
    Date2018.02.03 CategoryFanCover Views123 Votes0
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    사랑빛 Love Light - 악동뮤지션 수현 AKMU Soohyun

    Date2017.12.15 CategoryFanCover Views180 Votes0
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    헷갈리게, Book 기타 커버 by Acanthus

    https://twitter.com/Acanthus_tetu/status/939450048282214400 https://twitter.com/Acanthus_tetu/status/938717982280204288 https://twitter.com/Acanthus_tetu/status/939504484798971904 역) (씨엔블루는) 중학생때 기타를 시작해서 밴드를 좋아하게 된 ...
    Date2017.12.10 CategoryFanCover Views138 Votes0
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    이렇게 예뻤나 - The Eastlight 이승현

    Date2017.11.21 CategoryFanCover Views297 Votes0
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    여자여자해 - 아역배우 윤성우 Kid actor Yoon Seongwoo

    https://twitter.com/SEONG_U07/status/903772915556110337 XD
    Date2017.09.02 CategoryFanCover Views326 Votes3
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    That Girl - Acoustic cover by Lloyd Griffiths

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7l5fhSC_9M 오오 ㅋㅋㅋ
    Date2017.07.26 CategoryFanCover Views192 Votes1
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    Can't Stop - 운중중학교 3학년 미니콘서트

    https://youtu.be/6pJ10AJSvqY?t=479 :D
    Date2017.07.16 CategoryFanCover Views194 Votes0
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    Cinderella - fan from KCON :D

    From his youtube: "I had the privilege of going to KCon 2017 in New York last week and although I wouldn't have classed myself as a HUGE K-Pop fan, this has changed my mind, it was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I met some of the nicest people, hea...
    Date2017.06.30 CategoryFanCover Views201 Votes2
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    헷갈리게 Between us - jazz drummer

    Date2017.06.20 CategoryFanCover Views103 Votes0
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    사랑빛 우쿨렐레 강좌 Ukulele tutorial for Love Light

    https://youtu.be/N6rwfRU3jVg ❤️
    Date2017.06.11 CategoryFanCover Views147 Votes1
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    이렇게 예뻤나 YSF - dance ver.

    Date2017.05.08 CategoryFanCover Views176 Votes1
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    Can't Stop - Crenshaw Elite Choir 2017.04.29 Korea Times Music Festival

    14:00~ 가스펠 합창단 버전의 캔스탑도 신선하네요^^ Cut:
    Date2017.04.30 CategoryFanCover Views4157 Votes13
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    Can't Stop - 프듀 개인연습생 김재환 Produce101 Trainee Kim Jaehwan

    Date2017.04.19 CategoryFanCover Views371 Votes1
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    사랑빛 Love light - 소년24 성현 Sunghyun of Boy24

    Date2017.04.11 CategoryFanCover Views240 Votes1
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