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Translation of Chinese subtitles by klaritia

Sohu: Please say hello to our viewers on Sohu.

JYH: Hello, viewers of Sohu! I’m Jung Yong Hwa. Sohuuuu~~ (singing voice) Haha~


Sohu: After Yonghwa debuted as a solo singer, there have been less group activities. How does it feel compared to the past? Do you have a lot of pressure?


JYH: There are positive and negative sides of both (solo vs group). As for solo activities, I have accumulated lots of great experiences. This is the best part. In terms of pressure, when I’m on the solo tour, I can meet with different people and fans in other countries just like this. This way, any pressure felt has been relieved actually.


Sohu: The previous HK and Shanghai concerts were fully booked. And the VIP tickets of the Beijing concert this time was sold out withing 24 hours. Even stars in China have become your fans. How do you feel about all this?


JYH: Really awesome… I especially…. Really feel happy. Since I debuted, my fans have been supporting me non-stop. It’s a blessing that I could meet them and I can sing for them. It’s been happy time all the way.


Sohu: Since when you realize CNBLUE is super popular in China?


JYH: I really have no idea. It’s just we always see the Chinese fans through performances. With time, we felt the fans’ love. I’m especially happy myself. Whenever we came, the Chinese fans welcomed us so enthusiastically, leaving us very good memories. And so we worked even harder. Maybe that’s why the fans like us.


Sohu: CNBLUE debuted as a singing group. Now all members have multiple roles of singer, actor and MC. Are there plans for the release of a new group album?


JYH: After the solo promotion activities, I’ve been composing and writing songs, until now. Though there’s no fixed comeback date yet, we’ll present good music to everybody as soon as possible.


Sohu: I see you updating you SNS in China and interact with many Chinese celebs. Which one do you know best?


JYH: I think I feel close to JJ Lin most. We’ve written a song together. We’ve met multiple times in Korea. And when we had concerts in Taiwan, we had dinners together. JJ Lin is very nice. And we feel comfortable with each other.


Sohu: How’s your Chinese proficiency? Will you consider releasing Chinese songs?

JYH: I’m your “man god” (charmingly~)... Hahaha… I’m your “man god”. To sing in Chinese… In the song “Checkmate”, JJ Lin and I sang in our own languages. As JJ can’t be in my concerts, I practiced the Chinese parts and sang them myself. The Chinese fans love that a lot. So if there’s the opportunity, I will sing Chinese songs.


Sohu: Great musical instruments player, talented composter, trendy phrase guru, the food lover who doesn’t get fat, handsome actor with the skills… According to the trendy phrases in China now, you’ve collected 7 items and can summon the dragon. So which comment among the above given by fans do you like most?


JYH: Wow, the fans praise me so highly. Of course I feel very satisfied and happy. I like them all. Anyways, my Chinese fans really have the eye. They are commenting me like that…I’m very happy. So I rode a dragon (to Beijing) today! Hahahaha… Aya (looking at the staff turning their faces towards the wall to laugh)… Feel free to laugh, please~


Sohu: Please pick among the dramas you’ve filmed, which is your ideal situation to be in love?


JYH: In all my dramas, I was always having this secret crush. I was never in love actually. So I want to be “in love in my ideal way” in a good drama in the future.

  • desy 2015.04.16 12:11
    Thank you so much for the translations♡. Hope he could have love stories in his ideal ways in any dramas n movies soon. #wishfulthinking^^
  • 喜yonghwa 2015.04.16 12:19

    1. SOHU의 네티즌 분들께 인사 부탁드릴께요.
    2. 솔로데뷔후 그룹활동이 적어졌는데 전에 그룹활동과 다른점은? 스트레스를 많이 받진 않나요?
    3. 이미 진행된 홍콩, 상해 두 콘서트도 매진되고 베이징 공연도 티켓 예매시작 24시간도 안돼서 VIP 티켓 매진되는 등 또 여러 중국 스타들도 용화씨 팬이 되였는데 어떤 생각이 드는지?
    4. 언제부터 CNBLUE가 중국에서 인기 있다고 느꼈는지?
    5. CNBLUE라는 그룹으로 데뷔했는데 지금 멤버들 모두 가수, 연기, 엠씨 등 다양한 방면에서 활약하고 있는데 그룹의 다음 앨범은 언제쯤 발표할껀가요?
    5. 중국 SNS에서 활발히 활동하고 많은 중국스타들과도 친해보이는데 제일 친한 분은?
    6. 지금 용화씨 중국어 수준은? 중국어 노래를 발표할 계획은 있나요?
    7. 악기 고수, 창작 천재, 유행어 달인, 항상 슬림한 미식가, 얼굴되고 연기되고, 중국 유행어로 7가지 능력을 갖춰서 용을 부를수 있네요. 팬들의 이같은 평가중에 제일 마음에 드는것은?
    8. 이미 출연했던 드라마에서 가장 이상에 가까운 연애방식은?

  • heich_ 2015.04.16 13:33


  • ila 2015.04.16 12:20
    always love to see playful yong..hahhaha
    Thanks a lot for the translation^^
  • ta_yooong 2015.04.16 13:24
    Thank you! Always appreciate translations of his interviews!
  • gardenofdarkness 2015.04.16 13:53
    Thx lots for the trans ^^~♥
  • Mar 2015.04.17 11:49
    As always, thank you for the translation└(^o^)┘The dragon part is so funny and I love how witty Yonghwa is xD I hope he'll continue to be happy like this, stay healthy, have enough rest, eat a lot and sleep a lot.

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