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    실제로 용화 이름 따서 지은 용화고속관광 이야기 The story of "Yonghwa High-speed Tours", named after Yonghwa

    용화 고속관광이 정말 용화 이름을 따서 지은 거였군요...^^ 사장님 대박!!!! 역시~ 우리 팬들은 곳곳에 암약하고 있던 겁니다.ㅋㅋㅋ 사진 찍어서 올려주시고 이 이야기가 알려지게끔 RT및 펌 허락해주신 allaboutjyh님께도 감사드립니다^^ The name of a bu...
    Date2014.01.13 Category기타 Views10745 Votes16
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    【E】NEVER STOP 팜플렛 감독님 인터뷰 중 용화 이야기 Director Jeon's interview on YH (Pamphlet)

    일한번역 출처: ‏@akanzh님- 감사합니다! 용화 씨는 항상 주위를 배려하는 사람이네요. 언뜻 보면 그렇게 보이지 않는 쿨한 이미지였기 때문에, 가장 캐릭터로서 갭이 있다고 느꼈습니다. 무대 위에서는 리드보컬이기도 하고, 밴드의 리더로서 책임도 열심히 ...
    Date2014.01.20 Category기타 Views6986 Votes16
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    (*Spanish Sub) 【justJYH&JYH-Weibar】 해피용화데이 생일파티 현장 풀버전! Happy Yonghwa Day - Full ver. 2015.06.21

    *Elsie Agraz님 덕분에 생일파티 영상에 저스트정용화의 첫 스페인어 자막을 입히게 되었습니다~ 번역과 싱크해주신 Elsie Agraz님께 감사드립니다^^ Thanks to Elsie Agraz, we introduce our very first Spanish caption. Thank you Elsie for translating o...
    Date2015.07.01 Category기타 Views6042 Votes16
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    [자막 Sub] 2019 일본 팬미팅 Y's Home - Pt. 1

    설정버튼으로 자막 선택해주세요 (한글자막 자동) Select the language under Setting to switch to English *오역/오타 지적 환영합니다! Please feel free to point out translation errors! ** 저스트에서만 봐주세요 Please don't repost
    Date2020.05.10 Category기타 Views1216 Votes14
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    [번역] Blue Travel-Yonghwa's words

    Interestingly, Yonghwa's writing in English was inserted in short pieces throughout the photobook. Here, I translated them together in bulk, but the words seem to flow well from beginning to end. Though in his second language, it seems to ch...
    Date2013.09.28 Category기타 Views9478 Votes11
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    헷갈리게 왜이래? 정용화의 썸문썸답! JYH's Some QnA

    Trans) CNBLUE/ Some Q&A (*for those who don't know what "some" means, check this out: https://asiaanonymous.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/youre-not-my-girlfriend-youre-just-my-some-investigation-of-the-trending-korean-dating-keyword-some/ ) ...
    Date2017.03.15 Category기타 Views1445 Votes11
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  7. 2013.01 CeCi iPad Captures 아이패드판 캡쳐

    Behind the scene slides These just the same as paper magazine pages but I like the first one being bigger ^^
    Date2012.12.27 Category기타 Views11410 Votes9
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    [굿모닝대한민국] 2014.02.11 스타들도 반한 소치 올림픽 영웅 (김연아) 용화 컷

    Softsubbed, Click CC on PC or use the Youtube app on mobile to view w/subs here: ▶ http://youtu.be/vRBNUS8izVc 풀버전에는 닉쿤, 이준, 조인성, 천정명 씨가 나옵니다. 용화가 마무리~^^ Full ver here with more stars (Nichkhun, Lee Joon, Cho Insu...
    Date2014.02.11 Category기타 Views8718 Votes9
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    Yonghwa's Room 용화's Room

    Sorry that the video begins at a random point. ^^;
    Date2012.12.19 Category기타 Views12635 Votes8
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  10. CeCi TV 2013 Jan ~iPad videos~

    Date2012.12.26 Category기타 Views7248 Votes8
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    [펌] 어제 음중 사녹 후기 Music Core Pre-record FA from DC JYH

    어제 사녹같이 했던 스탭이.. "데뷔했다고 다 스타는 아니죠.. 지치고 힘든상황에도 관객을 장악하고 끌어야..그게 스타죠..정용화가 그런친구더라구요 그냥 흔한 아이돌가수인지 알았는데.. 스타더라구요" A staff who was at the pre-record yesterday said...
    Date2013.01.18 Category기타 Views8357 Votes8
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    (*추가 Added) 2014.01.13 후루야의 눈 Furuya's Eye-The Story of CNBLUE~Never Stop 소개

    cr. CNjjuunn 그리고 한편 더. 이건 엄밀히 말하면 한국 영화는 아닙니다. 일본 영화예요. 토호에서 배급합니다. The Story of CNBLUE~ Never stop 이라는 다큐멘터리인데요. 이 영화, 125분이나 되는 꽤 긴 다큐멘터리입니다. 씨엔블루라는 밴드가, 일본에 ...
    Date2014.01.15 Category기타 Views7500 Votes8
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  13. [스캔 Scan] TVBS 周刋 No.864 "Best Beautiful Boy Band Jung Yong Hwa X CNBLUE Special"

    TVBS 周刋 (TVBS Weekly) is a entertainment weekly magazine published in Taiwan. It doesn't only talk about Korean idols/stars, but the local celebs as well as Hollywood stars. Yonghwa as VJ Park was the cover of this 30+ page special. The co...
    Date2014.05.26 Category기타 Views4104 Votes8
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    김창완의 아침창 소개멘트 Intro narration for This Beautiful Morning

    Trans) Hello, this is CNBLUE's leader Jung Yonghwa. You're listening to This Beautiful Morning with Kim Changwan. 제보해주신 lotus님 감사합니다^^
    Date2014.06.11 Category기타 Views6681 Votes8
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    보이스재팬 매거진 매니저 인터뷰 중 An Excerpt from Boice Japan Magazine's Manager Interview

    보재 매거진 매니져 인터뷰中 Q. CN중에 가장 마이페이스인 사람은? A.좋은의미로 용화. 생활리듬을 다른일로 인해 무너뜨리지 않음.하루의 스케쥴이 제대로 짜여져 있으며, 식사나 트레이닝등을 묵묵히 소화해냅니다. 굉장히 자신에게 엄격하다고 할수있겠네...
    Date2014.07.04 Category기타 Views2533 Votes8
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    [자막 Sub] 2019 일본 팬미팅 Y's Home - Pt. 2

    설정버튼으로 자막 선택해주세요 (한글자막 자동) Select the language under Setting to switch to English *오역/오타 지적 환영합니다! Please feel free to point out translation errors! ** 저스트에서만 봐주세요 Please don't repost
    Date2020.05.12 Category기타 Views773 Votes8
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    2014.02.26 FMDate 이민우씨 용화 언급 LMW mentions Yonghwa :)

    DJ: There are so many idols who were Shinhwa Changjo (fanclub of Shinhwa). (lists many...) Is there a really dedicated idol who you really approve of? LMW: I usually see their names on news articles, and I think, "They were?" and become mor...
    Date2014.02.27 Category기타 Views7130 Votes7
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    SBS 라디오- 사랑으로 하나되는 세상 SBS Radio PSA- A world becomes one with love

    cr. SBSNOW A world becomes one with love Hello, this is CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa, promoting with a song called 'Can't Stop'. If time just drifts away, it'd be empty. But I think they are meaningful because they leave memories. Thanks to the pr...
    Date2014.03.18 Category기타 Views5023 Votes7
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    슈에무라 팬미팅 감사 메시지 Shu Uemura Fanmeet Thank you message

    cr. http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrhsmx0o.html Trans) Thank you for spending a fun afternoon with me. You are the best. Thank you again to Shu Uemura promoters. I hope to meet you again with another great opportunity like this. And don't forget...
    Date2014.05.15 Category기타 Views2194 Votes7
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  20. 밴드 용화 스티커 모음 Yonghwa Stickers on Band app

    Date2014.05.15 Category기타 Views5898 Votes7
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