2009.10.07 첫방 당일 '미남이시네요' 공홈에 남긴 글 Yonghwa's message at the Official HP on the Premiere of "You are Beautiful"

by heich_ posted Oct 07, 2014


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Hello~!! This is Jung Yonghwa ^^

id: Kang Shinwoo

Hello, this is Jung Yonghwa playing the role of Kang Shinwoo.

I'm delighted to meet you for the first time through this drama, "You are Beautiful."

Since this is my first drama, I'm very excited.

Though I make many mistakes, thanks to the encouragement by the director, many staff, and the actors, filming is very fun.

I am originally a student in Japan who released an indies band album. 

It's a pleasure to play as another band group, "A.N.JELL" in this drama.

My position is vocal and guitar, and coincidentally, because I am the guitarist of A.N.JELL, I'm so happy that it allows me to keep in touch with the instrument.

Perhaps because so, the most memorable filming was the "You are beautiful Mini Concert (Scene)" that we held in front of the fans for our drama.

I was very nervous because it was the first time I stood on a stage in front of so many audience, but the audience enjoying it so much and cheering loudly made it the most memorable performance ever.

It turns out today's the first broadcast of "You are beautiful."

I had no idea each day would pass by so quickly.

Although I might have many shortfalls, I will definitely show you my steady improvement.

Please watch our show!

Also, continue to check out Kang Shinwoo's improvement!^^