1. Letter 2019.06.22 1년 후의 나에게 ~ 느리게 가는 편지 ~

    To. Yonghwa Hello, Yonghwa! You'll be enlisting very soon. By the time you're reading this letter, you must have become an even better Jung Yonghwa. Congratulations on becoming 31 years old! I know you're someone who likes getting old and f...
    Date2019.06.22 CategoryFrom용화 Views1018 Votes15
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    [트윗 Tweet] 여러분 정말 감사합니다! Everyone, thank you so much!

    https://twitter.com/JYHeffect/status/1142358059257192448 Everyone, thank you so much! It's very hot these days, make sure to take good care of your health and I wish your days are only filled with happiness! Please wait just a little more! C...
    Date2019.06.22 CategoryFrom용화 Views330 Votes9
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    [번역][HOMINIS] 서른살을 맞이한 정용화, 배우&아티스트로서의 행보

    6월의 정용화 솔로콘 라이브 뷰잉 및 드라마 삼총사 방영에 관한 글입니다. ----------  본업인 뮤지션으로서는 물론, 배우로서도 다양한 작품에서 활약하여 일본에서도 높은 인지도를 자랑하는 정용화. 현재는 군복무 중이어서 허전함을 느끼는 팬도 많겠지만...
    Date2019.06.06 Category뉴스 Views298 Votes3
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    20190601 MOVIE CALENDAR 2019.6

    Date2019.06.01 Category기타 Views130 Votes2
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    4GIFTS ~ Sweet Melody & Summer Calling @Xmas Disc 1 Digest

    Date2019.04.23 Category기타 Views184 Votes2
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    '강원도 군복무' 정용화, 산불 피해에 2000만원 기부 JYH donates 20M KRW to support Wildlife victims

    씨엔블루 정용화가 강원도 산불 피해 복구를 위해 2000만원을 기부했다. 정용화는 6일 희망브리지 전국재해구호협회를 통해 강원도 고성과 속초 등에서 발생한 산불로 피해를 입은 이웃들을 위한 성금 2000만원을 기부했다. 기부금은 강원도 산불 피해 지역 피...
    Date2019.04.07 Category뉴스 Views267 Votes5
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  7. [스캔 Scan] 2019 Jung Yonghwa Season's Greetings 5

    Date2019.02.17 Category사진 Views681 Votes7
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  8. Waiting for CNBLUE

    https://twitter.com/CN_FANCLUB/status/1096303829727858689 Trans) From past videos to different stage clips! The unseen footage that haven't been released will visit BOICE, please wait a little!
    Date2019.02.16 Category뉴스 Views293 Votes2
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  9. Winter Holiday in Japan

    Date2019.02.15 Category기타 Views258 Votes6
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    정용화, 모교에 장학회 신설…매년 장학금 전달 예정(공식)

    [헤럴드POP=이미지 기자] 정용화가 모교 후배들을 위한 훈훈한 나눔 활동을 펼쳐나간다.  정용화는 모교인 부산 남산고등학교에 장학회를 개설하고 매년 졸업생에게 장학금을 전달키로 했다. 지난 12일 열린 제28회 졸업식에서 6명의 졸업생에게 장학금을 전달...
    Date2019.02.14 Category뉴스 Views196 Votes9
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  11. [웨이보 Weibo] #朋友圈实用的图片# ​​​​

    Date2019.02.10 CategoryFrom용화 Views233 Votes7
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  12. [인스타 IG] 2019.2.10

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by 정용화 (@jyheffect0622) on Feb 10, 2019 at 6:07am PST
    Date2019.02.10 CategoryFrom용화 Views215 Votes8
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  13. Yonghwa's voice 새 사진

    Date2019.02.07 Category사진 Views258 Votes2
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  14. [스캔 Scan] 2019 Jung Yonghwa Season's Greetings 4

    Date2019.01.24 Category사진 Views428 Votes10
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  15. [스캔 Scan] 2019 Jung Yonghwa Season's Greetings 3

    Date2019.01.11 Category사진 Views454 Votes12
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  16. [스캔 Scan] 2019 Jung Yonghwa Season's Greetings 2

    Date2019.01.09 Category사진 Views12971 Votes14
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  17. [스캔 Scan] 2019 Jung Yonghwa Season's Greetings 1

    Date2019.01.08 Category사진 Views727 Votes14
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    20190101 Movie Calendar 201901 from Yonghwa

    Date2019.01.01 CategoryFrom용화 Views327 Votes2
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  19. [트윗 Tweet] 조만간 우리 빨리 봅시다!!

    https://twitter.com/JYHeffect/status/1079312434454654976 Trans) Dear everyone! The year 2018's coming to an end. In 2019, always be healthy!!! and always be happy!!! See you sometime soon!!
    Date2018.12.30 CategoryFrom용화 Views545 Votes19
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  20. 2018.12.25 Animated Line Stickers

    Date2018.12.25 Views230 Votes1
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