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Character profile

Park Seju (28) Cast Jung Yonghwa
Handled roughly here and there, he's the maknae(youngest) VJ of the team
But actually the grandson of CEO, an undercover boss?

He's the maknae of Morning 3 team who does all the tough chores.
But a peculiar sort of relaxed air can be always felt from him,
because his real identity is YBS president's grandson, meaning he's a 3rd generation chaebol.
Dreaming of a media empire, he's working in disguise to understand the business from bottom-up.
PDs who don't know his identity call him "ya (condescending address)" instead of his name,

kicking his joints and beating the back of his head, but he'd just smile all the time.
(Why? He's going to be the boss anyway!)
At the moment, he's leisurely sorting out those who are harmful to the company.
Stereotypical gentle-on-the-outside/strong-on-the-inside type, though he seems like a gentle, quiet man,

the blood of a fierce businessman flows inside.

But there was a moment when his cold heart melted for a while,
it's when he saw a woman who was swimming freely like a fish.
And coincidentally, he met her again at the TV station.
Na Mirae, who does all the hard labor just like himself, taking in all the insults...


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  • feeling_JYH 2013.10.09 00:01
    세주에 대해 알면알수록 더더 빠져듭니다..정말 매력적인 캐릭같아요~
    용화세주라서 더더 멋질거 같아요~^^
  • heich_ 2013.10.09 02:23
    Added the translation of his character! love the complex layers of PSJ. CANNOT wait to meet him :D
  • Pearl 2013.10.09 04:09
    His character is becoming more and more interesting, he's like an onion with multiple layers and hopefully the layers are peeled layer by layer to reveal the real man inside. I'm already loving what I see. Thanks for the translation.
  • desy 2013.10.09 07:51
    Thank you for translation. Wondering why mirae holds seju's pic? Hmmmmmm
  • heich_ 2013.10.09 08:42
    그 외 세주씨와 관련있는 분들 내용입니다~

    서유경 (28)
    ...더구나 "마음먹고 꼬시면 넘어오지 않을 남자 없다" 는 자부심이 있었는데...
    박세주, 이 남자는 다르다.
    샤론스톤처럼 다리를 꼬아대도 덤덤한 표정으로 점퍼를 덮어주고
    리포터로서, 여자로서 갖고 있던 그녀의 치부를 다독여주기까지 한다.
    그래, 선택했어... 바로 이 남자야!
    그런데 정작 그의 시선은 늘 다른 여자를 향해 있다.
    그녀는 바로 나미래다.

    이재수(32) /
    능력 없고 게으른데다 잘난 체까지 쩌는 모닝3팀의 문제 PD. 늘 은밀하게 쫓겨나느라 5년 동안 10여개의 프로그램을 옮겨 다녔다. 보탬 되는 일은 하지도 않으면서 작가들 해온 것에 트집만 잡고, 어려운 아이템은 어떻게든 피하고, 촬영과 편집은 세주에게 미루기 일쑤다. 잘못한 건 VJ탓이오, 잘한 건 모두 내 덕이니라. 명예욕에 쇼맨십은 갖췄지만 여자까지 밝히시느라 사내에서 알아주는 기피대상 1순위이다.

    이미란(65) / 고두심
    영건그룹 창업주의 딸이자 현 YBS의 회장. 얼핏 보면 발랄한 소녀 같은 할머니처럼 보이지만 실제는 인정사정없는 성격이다. ‘악마는 프라다를 입는다’의 미란다라는 별명이 상징하듯 일에 있어서만큼은 그 누구보다 차갑고 냉정하며 이기적이다. 아들들은 모두 죽고 며느리들이 기업을 쥐고 흔드는 통에 믿을 사람이라곤 손주 세주뿐이지만, 기어이 밑바닥부터 일을 배우겠다는 그의 고집은 꺾지 못했다. 그간 점쟁이 박도사를 신뢰해왔으나 점점 감이 떨어지는 그의 실력에 답답하기만 한데, 그런 그녀 앞에 예사롭지 않은 예지력의 소유자가 나타난다. 바로 나미래 여사다.

    Others who are related to Seju:

    Seo Yukyung (28)
    ...She had the pride of "if I put my heart into it, I can get any guy", but....
    Park Seju, he's different.
    Even though she crosses her legs like Sharon Stone, he indifferently covers it with a jacket.
    He even consoles the weaknesses she had as a reporter, as a woman.
    Yes, I made my decision...it's him!
    But his eyes are always cast toward another woman.
    That woman is Na Mirae.

    Lee Jaesu (32)
    Talentless, lazy, and arrogant, problem PD of morning 3 team. He was silently kicked out from a program to another, switching into 10 within 5 years. While not being helpful at all, all he does is criticize what the writers came up with, avoids difficlut items at all costs, and relegate filming and editing to Seju. Mistakes are VJ's, achievements are all mine. Though equipped with ambitions and showmanship, he's also after women, making him #1 unpleasant person in the company.

    Lee Miran (65)
    Daughter of the founder of Younggun Group, as well as the current president of YBS. She looks like a cheery, girly grandmother at first glance, but in reality she has no mercy. Just as her nickname, "Miranda" from "Devil Wears Prada", she's cold and self-centered when it comes to business. After all of her sons died, her daughters-in-law began to sway the corporation. Seju is the only one she can trust, but she still couldn't bend his will to learn the business from the bottom. She had consulted the fortune teller Guru Park until now, but his increasing inaccuracy was beginning to make her feel uneasy. That's when a possessor of extraordinary clairvoyance appears: Madame Na Mirae.
  • checkinout 2013.10.09 09:59
    Thanks for the translations!

    Seju sounds like a great character, one with a lot of layers, room for growth and plenty of interesting interactions with so many around him from his granny (looking forward to that the most, to be honest!), other PDs and staff, and of course the other leads. Hoping that the actual execution of the drama will live up to the promises in these descriptions!
  • anne 2013.10.09 20:11
    OMG!!! Same for me I am looking forward to his scenes with his grandmother the most. Wanna see if they're lovey-dovey grandma-grandson relationship or stubborn grandma vs stubborn grandson relationship. And followed by YuKyung coz I wanna see how she will try to seduce our rocker. Kekeke
  • littlelynn 2013.10.09 12:46
    Loving his multifaceted character description already. My excitement is shooting through the roof. Thanks for the HQ pictures.
  • az_cnb 2013.10.09 13:09
    hi, tq for all the updates on MHIYD. this site give the best updates for YH drama so far. again, thank you very much ^^
  • heich_ 2013.10.09 13:50

    더 있었네요^^;;;

    이리저리 발에 치이는 팀의 막내 VJ
    모닝 3팀의 막내로 온갖 궂은일을 도맡아 하고 있는 팀의 막내
    하지만... 외모에서부터 풍기는 그의 귀티는 숨길 수 없다!!

    조인트, 뒤통수에도 미소 지을 수 있는 여유가 있는 남자!
    부드럽고 조용한 남자 같지만 여자에게는 살벌하게 선을 긋는 차가운 남자

    인연? 운명은 없다 믿었던 세주가 드디어 운명적인 여인을 만났는데.. 다른 남자의 인연이라나?!
    운명의 그녀는 이 매력적인 남자를 거부할 수 있을까요?

    There was more under profile pix!

    "Morning 3 team's maknae who takes care of all the tough labor
    But...he can't hide the air of affluence from his appearnce!!

    The man who can afford to smile even when he's maltreated!
    Gentle and quiet, but a cold,heartless man who draws boundaries to women

    Fated love? Seju used to believe destiny doesn't exist, but he met a woman meant for him...who's supposed to be someone else's love ?!
    Can the fated woman reject this charming guy?"

  • anne 2013.10.09 20:13
    Thank you so much for the translations. Gosh!!! I'm restless now coz Monday is so near yet seems so faraway I can't stand it anymore. I wanna see SeJu now. >.<
  • silvergate08 2013.10.10 07:54
    want to see grandma and seju interaction and LOL want to see yonghwa having a tough day in his job but he is secretly the future boss LOL
  • postilion 2013.10.10 11:49
    Thank you for translation. It's so fast, appropriate and meaningful as always

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